Welcome to the Water Quality Center of Marquette University

This center brings together researchers, industries, government agencies, private foundations and others to solve problems related to lake, river and groundwater quality. We work in the areas of environmental engineering and water resources engineering.

Example projects in environmental engineering include anaerobic biotechnology to convert industrial waste to energy; nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from wastewater for agricultural applications; destruction of micropollutants, such as triclosan, in wastewater; and disinfection to inactivate waterborne pathogens in drinking water. Projects in water resources engineering include agricultural water and nutrient management; design and control of green and grey stormwater infrastructure; and novel methods to design, manage and monitor stormwater infrastructure under land use and climate variability.

We’d be happy to collaborate with you on your specific water challenges. If you are interested in learning how we can help, please contact the center director, Dr. Daniel Zitomer, at daniel.zitomer@marquette.edu.