Jenn Fishman

Co-Director, Ott Memorial Writing Center


Jenn Fishman

I'm a writing educator. My research, teaching, administrative work, and national professional leadership all support writing research, undergraduate research, and community building, especially in rhetoric and composition/writing studies. I joined Marquette's English Department in 2011, and I joined the Ott in 2019 after directing the First-Year English Program. 

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Tutoring Expertise and Passion:

I'm happy to help any writer with any piece of writing, from formal academic essays to posters, Powerpoints, and podcast scripts. I especially like helping writers come up with ideas, figure out how to use sources, and make macro revisions to a full (or nearly full) draft. I also think it's fun to pay with words, word choices, and writing styles, and I'm always happy to sit and write with someone who just needs a little bit of company in order to get it done. 

Citation Expertise:

I believe citing sources is one of the most generous things that researchers do for their readers, since citations help others get information for themselves. I also believe in looking up citation information, since it changes regularly. Although I know APA, Chicago (Author/Date), and MLA best, I'm happy to help any writer with any citation style. 

Multilingual Expertise:

Although I have studied French and Italian, what I have learned from scholarship and students themselves probably helps me more when I work with writers who have two or more languages.