Asian architecture


Building Expertise on Asia

Marquette University offers a broad range of courses with a focus in Asia. By minoring in Asian Studies you not only broaden your knowledge, but demonstrate to future employers that you are prepared to deal with clients and issues related to Asia. Currently there are courses with an Asia focus offered in the departments of History, Political Science, Foreign Language and Literature, Theology, Sociology, and Philosophy, and we expect to add more in the future.

Asia and the Society of Jesus

What makes Asian Studies unique at Marquette is the deep connection between the Jesuit tradition and Asia. Jesuits were among the first Europeans to visit, and write about Asia. Francis Xavier himself proselytized in Japan during the sixteenth century, and Jesuits, such as the famous Mateo Ricci, were active in the Chinese court. This rich connection continues to this day. The Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Adolfo Nicolás, studied at Sophia University in Tokyo, where he was ordained and worked extensively throughout East and Southeast Asia.