Career Awareness

While many are drawn to the dynamic and challenging world of business, most students entering the College of Business Administration at Marquette University are not fully aware of the variety of fields, disciplines, and professions that are available to graduates with a business degree. So what is the best field for you? Do you have a passion for Marketing? Do you excel at Finance or Accounting? Are you interested in Human Resources or Information Technology? Perhaps you find the lure of Entrepreneurship and being your own boss exciting?

The College of Business Administration offers several ways to help you to become aware of all the possibilities for a successful career in business. In your first semester of the LEAD Program, you will hear from speakers representing all of the majors offered by the College as well as those from industries ranging from wealth management and banking to manufacturing, supply chain management, and health care. In your final LEAD course, one entire session is devoted to career awareness. There are numerous opportunities to network with business leaders, when they come on campus for in-class discussions or to speak at events sponsored by the College or by business student organizations. And don’t forget to check out our Mentor Program, where interested juniors are matched one-to-one with a mentor who is a business professional from the Milwaukee or Chicago area for an entire academic year.