Applied Learning

The Center for Applied Economics coordinates and supports a number of applied learning opportunities for Marquette University students. These programs are designed to give the student an opportunity to apply the skills they have been taught in the classroom to “real-world” problems and in “real-time settings.” These projects are consistent with the mission of the University, the College, and the CGES, and the applied nature of learning in the Economics Department.

Degree Programs

Student Experiences

The Fed Challenge

The Fed Challenge is an academic competition in which a team of four to six students play the role of economic advisors and policymakers and recommend policy actions. All universities are allowed to enter a single team a year. The competition begins at a regional level and consists of a 20 minute presentation followed by a question and answer session. Teams are judged by private sector, academic and Federal Reserve economists.

At the CGES, the competition is seen as an opportunity for students to apply and enhance their presentation skills, critical thinking skills, and interpersonal / team dynamics, all in a real-time setting.

Please contact us if you or your business would like to become involved in this activity, we encourage your support by judging or hosting a practice competition at your firm, or through your financial support to cover student travel expenses.

Study Abroad Program in the Czech Republic

Offered since 1997, this is a Spring semester course that includes a study trip by Marquette University (MU) students to the University of West Bohemia (UWB) in Pilzen, Czech Republic, and a return trip by UWB students to Marquette. This course provides students the opportunity to study a wide range of international business issues, with the focus on Central Europe and the Czech Republic. MU and UWB faculty jointly teach the course (in English). About two-thirds of the students are from Marquette University and about one-third from the University of West Bohemia.

Professional Projects

Near the end of their studies, Every student in Marquette University’s Master of Science in Applied Economics must complete a professional project. The MSAE professional project consists of a careful application of the student's newly acquired analytical and statistical skills to a particular issue or problem. Learn more about the professional project and the MSAE program. Dr. Miao Wang is the coordinator of the professional project process.

If your business or organization would like assistance with a project that is analytical and practical in nature, then it may be suitable for an MSAE student’s professional project research. Please contact us for more information.