Student Organization - Marquette Economics Association

As a business professional, you are going to meet many different people in your career. A colleague, a member of a professional organization or social media group or even the person next to you on the plane may one day help you in your career. It’s called networking. An important way for students in a business school to gain networking experience is to be a member of a student organization. These organizations promote professional, career and social interests of the students and related majors.

In Economics, the student organization is the Marquette Economics Association (MEA). This organization is very active as it pulls students from the College of Business Administration and the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences together for their meetings and events that center around the economic issues of the day to how to get into graduate school. The MEA also sponsors a team in the annual Al McGuire run/walk that benefits the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Please contact faculty director Dr. Walter Melnik to discover more about the Marquette Economics Association