Accounting Analytics Certificate

Data is an asset, and those who know how to use it are at a significant advantage in the modern economy. The Accounting Analytics Certificate is designed for students and professionals looking to leverage their organization’s data and utilize it in business decision making and risk reduction. The certificate may be pursued to fulfill credits needed to obtain the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license as well as by professionals who wish to deepen analytical skillsets. The structure of the program requires no coursework during the traditional “busy season” and is unique in that it provides foundational knowledge as well as the opportunity to pursue niche topics in government/nonprofit and fraud analytics.

All students admitted to the Accounting Analytics Certificate are required to complete at least 12 credit hours of course work with all courses being taken at the graduate level.

This certificate can be taken 100% online, and no programming knowledge is required!  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work with companies to explore real-world examples and tackle the issues that industries are struggling with currently, while giving strategic thought to challenges of the future.


Required Core:

MBA 6100 - Business Analytics

3 credits

ACCO 5060 - Accounting Analytics

3 credits

Note: Starting the program in Summer Session 1 is ideal for course sequencing

Audit Core

ACCO 6065 - Advanced Audit and Analytics

3 credits

Niche Elective

ACCO 6535 Fraud Examination and Analytics

3 credits


ACCO 6525 Government and Nonprofit Accounting and Analytics

3 credits

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