Hall Ministers

Hall ministers live in each of Marquette's residence halls to provide pastoral care and presence to all staff and residents of the building. In collaboration with the hall staff, the hall minister is charged with helping form a residential community that expresses the university's Catholic, Jesuit character, while accompanying individuals dealing with stress, illness, loss, loneliness, relationships, spiritual and emotional health, etc.

Ethan Vander Leek headshot

Ethan Vander Leek 

Abbottsford Hall

Ethan Vander Leek loves Marquette’s campus and how embedded it is in the Milwaukee landscape. Ethan adores history, literature and has a special affinity for Café Benelux in the Third Ward. Learn more about Ethan Vander Leek by reading his Q&A here!


Bernardo Borunda

Bernardo Borunda


Bernardo Borunda loves to make memories with students and his coworkers. Aside from his role as a hall minister in the University Apartments, Bernardo also works in Campus Ministry connecting with students every day to further their faith. When he isn’t working, Bernardo keeps himself busy with his many hobbies, including arts and crafts. Learn more about Bernardo by reading his full Q&A here!


Luke Beavers

Luke Beavers

Carpenter Tower 

Luke Beavers loves music. He loves it so much that after spending years jamming to his favorite bands, he decided he major in it when he was an undergraduate. Luke's calling in life is education, but is excited to extend his passion to young people in pursuit of a the Good Life. Learn more about Luke by reading his Q&A here!


Heriberto "Eddie" Godina heashot

Heriberto "Eddie" Godina

Cobeen Hall 

Meet Heriberto “Eddie” Godina, an alumnus who even met his wife Maria at Marquette. Eddie cherishes the significant opportunity Marquette gave him to grow as a person, academically and spiritually. When Eddie isn’t in in his hall, he enjoys grabbing a bite to eat at Riverfront Pizzeria in the Third Ward. Learn more about Eddie by reading his Q&A here!


Samantha Scott headshot

Samantha Scott

Eckstein Tower

Samantha Scott graduated from Marquette with a Bachelor of Arts in theology in 2011, and she decided to pay back the goodwill she received on campus by returning to be a hall minister as she pursues her Ph.D. After being the hall minister in Abbottsford for the last four years, Samantha is ready to get to know her new community in Eckstein Tower. Learn more about Samantha by reading her full Q&A here!


David Burnett headshot

David Burnett

Humphrey Hall

David Burnett has been a hall minister in Humphrey Hall for years — so long that his apartment contains his personal library containing over 3,000 books! When he isn’t on campus, David enjoys finding a quaint coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere and get some work done. Learn more about David by reading his full Q&A here!


Peter Battaglia headshot

Peter Battaglia

Mashuda Hall

Peter Battaglia has learned to love Milwaukee for the bustling, yet quiet city it is. “The best city in the Midwest” — in his words — holds a special place in his heart. When he isn’t working on his Ph.D. dissertation, Peter can be found enjoying a piece of tres leches cake at C-Viche. Learn more about Peter by reading his full Q&A here!


Megan Heeder headshot

Megan Heeder

Straz Tower

Megan Heeder is the hall minister for Straz Tower and loves to bake — and share with others! Megan is currently working on her dissertation and will be teaching Introduction to Theology. When she isn’t working, she loves horseback riding. Learn more about Megan by reading her Q&A here!


Michael Maher headshot

Fr. Michael Maher, S.J. 

Wells Hall

Rev. Michael Maher, S.J., has a lot of experience in academia and living in residence halls — his first was Marquette’s Mashuda Hall in 1988. Marquette holds a special place in his heart as his parents fell in love here. When he isn’t walking campus remembering the history of the Jesuits at Marquette, Father Maher likes to get his breakfast at Michael’s on Wisconsin Avenue. Learn more about Father Maher by reading his full Q&A here!