Learning Outcome Assessment

The Career Services Center holds itself accountable for being a learning partner with students to foster career development. We gather and interpret evidence of student learning to help tell a story of effectiveness and illuminate opportunities. In this way we are able to reflect on and make improvements to the student experience with the Career Services Center.

Learning outcomes assessment follows an annual cycle. We offer a wide variety of services that are assessed to discover more about student learning. It is a best practice to assess some, but not all, aspects of student learning during an assessment cycle. Currently, we are assessing the learning of the student employees who work in the Career Services Center.

As a co-curricular unit at Marquette University, the Career Services Center also participates in the shared co-curricular learning outcomes assessment process to understand student learning more holistically with regard to all of the valued outcomes of a Marquette education. Please visit the Division of Student Affairs assessment webpage for more information on Co-curricular Learning Outcomes.


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