How Do I Handle Errors Found While Enrolling?

if you attempt to enroll in a class and see Error Found in the add Status column, click or tap the message to find out why the class has to been added to your schedule.  The types of errors that may occur include the following:

  • Not enrolled, class 12345 full - the class is full and was not added to your schedule.  Enrollment limits are determined and monitored by the department offering the course.  To maintain the appropriate class sizes most conducive for the best learning experience, you may not register for a class beyond the authorized class size.  However, if the university believes that an individual case warrants an exception, the university may grant permission to enroll in a full section without setting precedent.  The decision to permit you to enroll in a full section is made by the CheckMarq Registration Monitor in the department offering the class.  The department will provide you with a permission number for registration (see permission numbers).  Once you receive the permission number, it is your responsibility to register for the class via CheckMarq.
  • Time scheduling conflict, student not enrolled in class - you have attempted to register for at least two classes that meet at the same time.  Choose another section.
  • Multiple enrollment not allowed for this course - you have already added another section of this course to your schedule.  You may delete the other section and add the new section by clicking or tapping Drop/Update Classes.  See how do I swap classes in CheckMarq.
  • Requisites not met for class, not enrolled - you have not met the prerequisites for the class.  It is your responsibility to be certain you have enrolled in or met the necessary course prerequisites.  The university reserves the right to remove students from courses for which prerequisites have not been met.  See checking for prerequisite courses.
  • Enrollment is not allowed for this class:  It is outside the student's career of study - you have attempted to register for a class that is outside your career (undergraduate, graduate, dental, law or health sciences professional).  For example, if you are an undergraduate and wish to enroll in a graduate course, you must obtain permission from the Graduate School.  (See undergraduates registering for graduate courses.)
  • Department consent required to enroll in class - you attempted to register for a class that requires consent.  Contact the department.  If consent is granted to you, the department will issue you a permission number.  See consent courses and permission numbers.

Removing a class

If you are not able to enroll in a class, delete the class number from your Shopping Cart by clicking or tapping the Delete button to the right of the class, then clicking or tapping the Submit button.  A pop-up message will appear:  Delete current/selected rows from this page?  This delete will occur when the transaction is saved.  Click or tap OK.

If you don't follow this procedure, CheckMarq will attempt to enroll you in the class each time you click or tap the submit button and will not allow you to proceed.