Project option students complete 33 credits (usually 11 courses), write a comprehensive exam and a professional project worth 3 credits. A professional project demonstrates a student's mastery of theoretical and practical concepts taught in their program as applied to a specific professional problem or situation of interest to them.

Recent Professional Projects


Hamburg, Alexis: “Communication Challenges in Small Health Care Start-Up Companies.”

Hauer, Sarah A.: “MediFact: a model for medical fact checking.”

Kusper, Analyn M.: “Audience Centered Communication Strategy for the national Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.

Rippinger, Mary (Molly): “Hungry for More: Salt Magazine Milwaukee – a Business Model and Discussion of Media Persuasion and Ethics.”

Wooters, Daniel F.: “Greater Together: Milwaukee Flag Competition.”

2014 – 2015



Bishop, Lianna S.: “Catalyzing the Network of the Milwaukee Food Council for Food Systems Change.”

Sun, (Ms) Xiaojing (Stephanie): Introduction to and Strategic Communication Application of Tencent’s Media Products in Marketing Practice in China.”


Corbin, Allyson G. “Advanced Organizational Communication.”

Odabasi, Suzan. “Exploring Tensions in a Virtual World Environment.”


Husted, Brittany M. "A Big 'Fat' Problem (This May Sounds Easy, But Some Types of Fats Are Healthy)."


Zabriskie, Kathryn. “Recycling for a Brighter Tomorrow: A Faith-Based CFL Recycling Campaign.”


Myszewski, Kevin A. “The Effective Promotion of On-Screen Entertainment.”


Bisquerra, Darele M.: “In the Warmth of Dreams Commentary: Discussing the Telling of a Bicultural Story.”

Foss-Campbell, Betsy. “A Public Awareness Campaign on the Need for More Affordable Housing in Waukesha County.”

Floyd, Shelly-Ann. "The Mosaic on Burleigh: A Community Development Initiative."

Holmes, Nicholas. “A Critique of Using the Product Oriented Design Theory for Information Systems.


Stamm, Abigail J. "Information Seeking Regarding Sexual Assault Among Marquette University Students."

Mintner, Kristy M. "An Audit of Organizational Communication."

Pua, Tiffany G. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Project 408: Wisconsin Featuring Monarch Homes Promotional Documentary."

Schmidt, Sarah A. "Marketing the Great American Cleanup™ and Other Programs that Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful."

Straub, Robyn A. "A Marketing Communication Campaign Promoting Cigarette Litter Prevention in the Greater Milwaukee Area."


Jia, Mei (Jackie). "A Strategic Marketing Plan for Wisconsin Dance."

Nielsen, Kimberly A. "America's Freedom Center: A Public Relations and Marketing Communication Plan for a Growing Organization."

Speed, Angela R. "Stay-At-Home Fathers: A Journalistic Inquiry."

Tang, Ming. "A Marketing Plan for (the) Department of Sinology, College of International Cultural Exchanges, Northwest University, China."


Banda, Daniel J. "After the Immigrant: A Multi-Media Program"

Banks, Lauren C. "Marching Toward Change: Reducing Racial Disparities of Premature Birth in the City of Milwaukee."

Braier, Joseph. "The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center PR Campaign."

Gilliam, Kathryn E. "Hope House of Milwaukee: Marketing a Nonprofit Organization."

Henning, Denise D. "Designing a Business-to-Business Newsletter Using the Uses and Gratifications Theory."

Shulusky, Christine M. "Escapade: The Start-Up Magazine and Its Place in Our Culture."

Yu, (Ms) Weiwei. "The Appeal of Reality TV: Why People Watch reality TV."


Johnson, Rachel. "Tolerance: What are We Teaching Our Children?"


Beier, Alissa L. "The Power of Integrated Marketing Communication: A Campaign for Market Positioning."

Chandran, Urmila. "A Guide to Risk Communication."

Nicolini, Kristine. "Creating a Strategic Communication Plan for the Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh."




Cui, Cindy. "Using the Intranet as the Primary Organizational Employee Communication Vehicle."

French, Robert B. "Sacred Heart: A Second-Career Seminary for the New Millennium."

Haveman, Christopher D. "Those Who Served: American Indians in World War II."

Quinn, Candice A. "A Journalistic Study of Why Canadians Choose to Live in the U.S."