Keke Chen
Dr. Keke ChenMarquette University

Cudahy Hall, 380

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
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Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Computer Science

Courses Taught

  • Information Retrieval
  • Cloud Computing
  • Privacy-Aware Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithm Design
  • Introduction to Database Systems

Research Interests

  • AI and Data Science
  • Privacy and Security
  • Distributed Systems


  • Mubashwir Alam, Sagar Sharma, and Keke Chen “SGX-MR: Regulating Dataflows for Protecting Access Patterns of Data-Intensive SGX Applications”, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, 2021
  • Sagar Sharma and Keke Chen "Confidential Boosting with Random Linear Classifiers for Outsourced User-generated Data", European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), 2019
  • Shreyansh Bhatt, Keke Chen, Valerie Shalin, Amit Sheth and Brandon Minnery, “Who should be the captain this week? Leveraging inferred diversity-enhanced crowd wisdom for a Fantasy Premier League prediction task”, International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), 2019
  • Shreyansh Bhatt, Swati Padhee, Keke Chen, Valerie Shalin, Derek Doran, Amit Sheth and Brandon Minnery, “Knowledge graph enhanced community detection and characterization”, ACM Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM), 2019
  • Sagar Sharma, James Powers, and Keke Chen "PrivateGraph: Privacy-Preserving Spectral Analysis of Encrypted Graphs in the Cloud", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2018.
  • Sagar Sharma, Keke Chen, and Amit Sheth, "Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Analytics for IoT and Cloud Based Healthcare Systems", IEEE Internet Computing, 2018
    Ben S. Wendel, Chenfeng He, Mingjuan Qu, Di Wu, Stefany M. Hernandez, Ke-Yue Ma, Eugene W.
  • Liu, Jun Xiao, Peter D. Crompton, Susan K. Pierce, Pengyu Ren, Keke Chen, and Ning Jiang: " Accurate immune repertoire sequencing reveals malaria infection driven antibody lineage diversification in young children ", Nature Communications, 2017
  • Lu Zhou, Wenbo Wang, and Keke Chen, "Tweet Properly: Analyzing Deleted Tweets to Understand and Identify Regrettable Ones", International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2016

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Department of Computer Science
Katharine R. Cudahy Hall, Room 201
1313 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53233
(414) 288-8600

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