Undergraduate Program Overview

Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science

The department seeks to provide each of its majors with a broad understanding of computer science. This broad understanding serves as a coherent framework in which the student can place his or her developing knowledge and technical skill. Moreover, the department seeks to provide each student with a solid foundation in the central ideas and methods of modern computer science. It seeks to produce computer scientists who know, understand and can apply these central ideas and methods to real problems.

Interdisciplinary Data Science

Our Interdisciplinary Data Science major (INDS), integrates statistics and mathematics with computer science, allowing students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to discover and quantify new knowledge from data. Those prepared to integrate advanced technology with modern statistical and mathematical practices will have the opportunity to use in data in action to benefit society. Data scientists turn data into knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a field that lies at the intersection of biology, statistics, and computer science, which is focused on the generation and analysis of large biological datasets. Over the past two decades, this kind of “big data” has become increasingly central to scientists’ efforts to understand topics such as the organization and evolution of genomes, the large-scale regulation of gene expression, and the interactions among all of the proteins present in a particular cell. 

Accelerated Degree Programs

Special Interdisciplinary Majors

The College of Arts and Sciences also allows the creation of special interdisciplinary majors and minors if students may be better served by a flexible grouping of courses from several areas. Details on the procedures to obtain approval are in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Additional Information

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the department office. We'll be happy to answer your questions or arrange for a visit to our department.