International Students

International students must submit the necessary application forms, fees, official documents and any other items that are required by the School of Dentistry. All documents:

  • Must be by the appropriate source
  • Must bear fresh-ink printing, signatures, or a stamp or seal of certification as an official document.

Translation Requirement

All materials not in the English language must be accompanied by official language translations.

English Proficiency

International students must also have an adequate command of written and spoken English. If English was not the language of a student’s formal education, he or she must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) administered by Educational Testing or submit other evidence of English proficiency. Information about the TOEFL may be obtained here.

Office of International Education

Once accepted, prospective dental students who are not citizens or lawful residents of the United States will work with the Office of International Education. Completion of university and student legal arrangements is required before enrollment.

Prospective Marquette F–1 or J–1 visa students must document full financial resources for the duration of the program before the office can issue the student’s required Certificate of Eligibility for subsequent governmental arrangements.

Non-immigrant students must abide by the regulations of their legal status in the United States, including those about their defined educational objectives, academics and employment.

Each student is to consult with the Office of International Education about the maintenance of their proper legal status throughout their years of dental education.

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