American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

Marquette ASDA

The American Student Dental Association is a national student-run organization that protects and advances the rights, interests and welfare of students pursuing careers in dentistry. It introduces students to lifelong involvement in organized dentistry and provides services, information, education, representation and advocacy.

2022-2023 ASDA Leadership Positions

Executive Committee

President Tyler Guist
President-Elect Trevor McDonald
Secretary Clarice Michalski
Treasurer Julie Ye
Membership Chair Abby Yurs
Social Media Chair Jenna Guernsey
Vendor Relations Chair Christine McMahon
Legislative Liaison Christian Borer


Book Club

EC Liaison Jenna Guernsey
Book Club Chair Jenna Guernsey
Book Club Chair Sofia Enea

Community Service

EC Liaison Christine McMahon
Community Service Chair Christine McMahon
Community Service Chair Nicole Peters
Community Service Associate Kelsey Cho
Community Service Associate Haley Maurer
Community Service Associate Claire Crane
Community Service Associate Leah Gause

Digital Media

EC Liaison Tyler Guist
Film Editor Francesca Malensek
Webmaster/Blogmaster Chloe Philip

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

EC Liaison Trevor McDonald
DEI Chair Kandace Williamson
DEI Chair Elyse Cao
DEI Associate Alexandra Gelin
DEI Associate Francesca Malensek
DEI Associate Kelsey Cho


EC Liaison Abby Yurs
Events Chair Elliot Shambeau
Events Chair Mitchell Piascek
Events Chair Greta Hevesi
Events Associate Ana Hernandez
Events Associate Tanya Rasha
Events Associate Kim Padron

Health & Wellness

EC Liaison Clarice Michalski
H&W Chair Isabelle Kick
H&W Chair Jessica Short
H&W Chair Kelly Herzog
H&W Associate Leah Gause
H&W Associate Will Dummer
H&W Associate Autumn Fenske


EC Liaison Christian Borer
Legislative Liaison/Chair Christian Borer
Legislative/ADPAC Associate Nick Bhatt
Legislative Associate Drake Lindholm
Legislative Associate Grant Karlsson Ellifson

Practice Management

EC Liaison Tyler Guist
Practice Management Chair Ryan Swenson
Practice Management Chair Jordan Boehlke
Practice Management Associate Tristan Rostagno
Practice Management Associate Miranda Saitoski


EC Liaison Julie Ye
Pre-Dental Chair Sarah Doughty
Pre-Dental Chair Emma Cullen
Pre-Dental Associate Tiffany Heinzen
Pre-Dental Associate Lindsey Enders
Pre-Dental Associate Sara Achatz

Social Media

EC Liaison Jenna Guernsey
Social Media Chair Jenna Guernsey
Social Media Associate Adrienne Race
Social Media Associate Greta Hevesi


EC Liaison Christian Borer
Specialty Chair Matt Beck
Specialty Chair Hannah Hamwi
Specialty Chair Grant Karlsson Ellifson
Specialty Associate Ana Hernandez
Specialty Associate Hanfrey Deng
Specialty Associate Bella Duarte
Specialty Associate Elyse Cao
Specialty Associate Mitchell Piascek
Specialty Associate Kandace Williamson
Specialty Associate Ciara Schwarz

Vendor Relations

EC Liaison Christine McMahon
Vendor Relations Chair Christine McMahon
Vendor Relations Associate Kevin Nitz
Vendor Relations Associate Alice Zheng
Vendor Relations Associate Kajal Khatri