The Mentor Program

The Mentor program is co-sponsored by the School of Dentistry, the Wisconsin Dental Association and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. 2017-2018 is the 23rd year of this hugely popular and successful program.

The goal of the program is to help students develop a mentoring relationship with a practicing dentist. This relationship requires active participation by all parties. Successful mentor relationships have helped students network, learn more about the profession and how to run a practice, do fun activities together, and learn more about organized dentistry.

Mentor Program

“The beginning of dental school can be overwhelming, but I would encourage any student to take the time to sign up for the mentor program. It is nice to have a contact with a dental professional that is outside the educational setting. Besides having fun and the possibility of establishing lifelong friendships, the opportunities of a good two way mentor-protégé relationship are unlimited. The time and energy you expend will be well worth the investment.

Coming to dental school with no one in my family being in the dental profession, the mentor program was just what I was looking for! It's awesome to have a dentist in the area that you can reach out to for support, questions, or just reassurance that you can get through dental school!”

- Kaitlin, Class of 2017

Mentor Program

Many students have built life-long relationships with their mentor as well as other mentors and all of the students involved in the Mentor Program. Mentors and their protégés do activities together, as well as, with other participants in the Program.

Mentor Program

"Being a part of the mentor program has been very rewarding. I have no dentistry in my family and as I started my first year of dental school I had a lot of questions. Not knowing who to turn to, the mentor program provided the guidance I needed. As one of the three other protégé dental students a part of Dr. Hebl's group, I feel like I have a little dental family. Dr. Hebl has not only advised me through my stresses in dental school, but has been a role model for me. She is a female dentist with a family and her own practice. She has shown me gateways to become more involved in the dental community and how to serve the community. The mentor program isn't all about learning though. We get together for barbecues, Marquette basketball games, dinners, and we even played on an intramural basketball team together. The mentor program has given me a dental family and it is a valuable relationship I will continue to cherish. I look forward to becoming a mentor myself one day."

- Sally, Class of 2016

Mentor Program

Past participants of the program have found business associateships, partnerships and many other dental opportunities by networking with their mentor. Mentors will be with you for as long as you are interested in maintaining the relationship. Many mentors and protégés have become lifelong friends and share interests, hobbies and family activities.

Mentor Program

“I'd encourage all dental students to sign up for the mentor program. The start of dental school can be overwhelming and so it is understandable that signing up for the mentor program is the one thing that can easily fall to the bottom of the list. Way back when I was in dental school we had one dinner with practicing dentists. The program has come a long way since then. It still kicks off with a dinner, but behind the scenes people are planning other events and trying to match students with dentists of similar interests or hometowns.

The relationship between protege and mentor is different for every pair. Like all relationships, they improve in proportion to the effort. Besides the planned activities my proteges and I have had group cookouts and dinners, MU basketball games and weddings, shadowing and externships in the office as well as one on one dinners to discuss future plans but my favorite thing has been playing with proteges on their intramural basketball teams. In addition to some fun, it's nice to get real world perspective from someone that has experienced the rigors of dental school. Mentorship is a two way street. I've learned from my proteges and value the friendships that last long after graduation.”

- Dr. Monica Hebl, Mentor Dentist

Mentor Program

 We start off the Mentor Program in September each year with a dinner at the AMU Ballrooms. This is when students meet their mentor for the first time and mentors meet their new proteges. It’s a nice evening full of good food, good companionship, good information and awesome door prizes. Once you become a student at MUSoD we hope you will consider joining the Mentor Program.

Here is one last thought from a Marquette Alumna:

“The mentor program has given me the opportunity to learn about dentistry, business and relationships. A relationship we still maintain, and has been so valuable, I'm very fortunate to have had this experience.“

- Tarah, Class of 2013 


Mentor Committee

Dr. Cheska Avery-Stafford, Co-Chair
Dr. Angela Lueck, Co-Chair
Ms. Betsy Krekling of the WDA
Ms. Linda Gleason, MUSoD
Mrs. Daisy Martinez, MUSoD

Mentor Program