Tayebi Research Group Members

Lobat Tayebi

Lobat Tayebi, M.S., Ph.D

Professor and Director of Research


Having become a part of Marquette in 2014, Lobat Tayebi holds the position of Professor and Director of Research at the Marquette University School of Dentistry (MUSoD). She is a researcher in biomedical engineering, materials science, and regenerative dentistry with multiple patents in the field. Her publication list comprises of 4 books (2 edited and 2 authored books) and over 370 peer-reviewed articles including papers in Nature Materials and Advanced Materials. She is the recipient of “President’s Cup for Creative Interdisciplinarity (2014, Oklahoma State University) and “Rising Star, 2016 (Marquette University). Her current research activities cover projects in 3D printing, OOKP, hard/soft and interfacial tissue engineering, regenerative dentistry, growth factor delivery and vascularization.

She received her PhD, Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from University of California-Davis, Applied Sciences (2011), McMaster University, Engineering Physics (2006) and Sharif University of Technology, Physics (2002), respectively.

Current Members

Meisam Omidi

Meisam Omidi - Lab Manager / Senior Researcher


Dr. Omidi’s research is focused on application of nanobiomaterials in soft, hard, and interfacial tissue engineering. He is particularly interested is 3D printing and smart material design in regenerative medicine.

Mohsen Akbarian

Mohsen Akbarian - Postdoctoral Fellow


Mohsen earned his Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Shiraz University (2019). He joined the Pharmaceutical Research Center, School of Pharmacy at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences as a researcher and next moved to the Department of Chemistry at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, at the same time he also won the TWAS-DBT Postgraduate Fellowship Programme established by The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Ministry of Science and Technology in India, and UNESCO-The World Academy of Sciences, Italy. He joined the Dr. Tayebi’s group in 2022.

Daniela Masson-Meyers

Daniela Masson-Meyers - Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Masson-Meyers joined Tayebi group in January 2020. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. She completed her Ph.D. from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), with part of her doctoral research performed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her research interests include regenerative medicine, tissue injury and repair and tissue engineering. Her research will be an extension and combination of previous experience in cell culture and methodologies to assess tissue repair with new skills and knowledge of developing and testing engineered tissue scaffolds, particularly vascularized osteo-mucosal tissue constructs using 3D-printing technology.

SeyedMisagh Imani

SeyedMisagh Imani - Research Associate


Dr. Imani received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Babol Noshirvani University of Technology in 2019, working on the investigation of the mechanical properties of composite bone scaffolds using numerical, analytical, and experimental methods. His research interests include biomaterials in soft and hard tissue engineering, computational and experimental biomechanics, and 3D printing.

Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty - D.D.S. Student


Sarah Doughty is from Waukesha, Wisconsin and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2020. She is excited to be working in this research lab and is studying the mechanical properties of different types of gelatin scaffolds.

Lindsey Enders

Lindsey Enders - D.D.S. Student



Alexandra Gelin

Alexandra Gelin - D.D.S. Student


Alexandra Gelin is from Long Island, New York, and moved to Milwaukee last year. She is a full-time NIH-funded researcher and her research topic is development of an integrated 3D-printed osteo-mucosal model using collagen substrate. She has always had an interest in research and is excited to be working in the lab.

John Karkazis

John Karkazis - D.D.S. Student



Kishan Patel

Kishan Patel - D.D.S. Student


Kishan Patel is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and recently moved to the Milwaukee area. He is a student at Marquette School of Dentistry and a member of the Student Research Group (SRG). His current research includes the characterization and fabrication of scaffolds for bone & soft tissue engineering. He is motivated to learn from senior research members and is excited to work with us.

Jessica Short

Jessica Short - D.D.S. Student



Jared Tom

Jared Tom - D.D.S. Student



Alicia Yu

Alicia Yu - D.D.S. Student



Alice Zheng

Alice Zheng - D.D.S. Student



Former members

Parisa Amjadi Research Associate
Pouya Amrollahi M.Sc. Student
Rizwan Bader D.D.S. Student
Brett Barton D.D.S. Student
Matthew Bures D.D.S. Student
Kyle Boonyong Undergraduate Student
Erfan Dashtimoghadam Postdoctoral Researcher
Farahnaz Fahimipour Research Associate
Mina Fahmy D.D.S. Student
Zachery Finnegan D.D.S. Student
Hossein Jazayeri Researcher
Alexander Karkazis D.D.S. Student
Emelia Karkazis D.D.S. Student
Kimia Khoshroo Research Associate
Zachary Jacobs D.D.S. Student
Stephan Kakos Undergraduate Student
Sridivya Kasinadhuni Dental Research Associate
Wonhee Lee Graduate Resident
Valmore Malskis Research Associate
Zohra Metalwala Research Scholar
Leila Mohammadiamirabad Research Associate
Michael Del Monico Undergraduate Student
Masoud Mozafari Research Associate
Nidhi Nangia Research Scholar
Amin Nozariasbmarz Ph.D. Student
Aatif Nowman D.D.S. Student
Soren Paape D.D.S. Student
John Peters D.D.S. Student
Steven Pitcher D.D.S. Student
Armin Tahmasbi Rad Research Associate
Morteza Rasoulianboroujeni Research Scientist
Mehdi Razavi Research Scholar
Martin Rodriguez Undergraduate Student
Parvaneh Rouhani Ph.D. Student
Erfan Salahinejad Research Associate
Ethan Schuler D.D.S. Student
Massoud Seifi Research Associate
Vahid Shabafrooz Research Scholar
Brinda Shah Graduate Resident
Pinkesh Shah D.D.S. Student
Austin J. Smith D.D.S. Student
Neha Solanki Research Associate
Fahimeh Sadat Tabatabaei Postdoctoral Fellow
Mohammadreza Tahriri Postdoctoral Researcher
Sanaz Tajik Research Associate
Shawn Tipple D.D.S. Student
Nikita Tongas Research Scholar
Dave Wertz D.D.S. Student
Joshua White D.D.S. Student
Amir Yadegari Research Associate
Wiley Yao D.D.S. Student
Mostafa Yazdimamaghani Ph.D. Student
Christin Zito Undergraduate Student