D2L ePortfolio

For Student Use


  1. Create and organize ePortfolio in D2L of selected items that represents learning. Examples of items include artifacts, collections, reflections, presentations, learning objectives.
  2. Share items with others by giving them permission to view, comment, assess or edit.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click ePortfolio on the D2L homepage.
    D2L Navigation
  2. Select My Items to begin adding artifacts.
    My items
  3. Click the Add [1] button to upload the artifacts (i.e. files, images, links). Once the artifacts are uploaded, then click New Presentation [2].
    New Presentation
    Note: It is not necessary to upload to Collections (folders).  It is a way to organize files.
  4. Enter a name for your presentation. A description and tag are optional.
    name presentation
  5. Click the Content/Layout [1] tab to add pages [2] which will be the headers to your presentation – e.g., Home, Research Project, Compositions, and Reflection. Select Add Component [3] to upload files from the My Items area.  View your presentation [4] to determine if you would like to change the layout.  If so, click Edit Page Layout [5].
    Edit content
    Note: Under Add Component, use the Text area link to add content to the page for user ease when viewing your ePortfolio.  Otherwise, only links will display for user when artifacts are used.
    Add components
  6. To reorder your pages [1] or individual items within a page [2] click on the arrows.
    Reorder content
  7. Click the Banner tab [1]. Enter a banner name [2].  Description is optional.  Click Save [3].
  8. Select a theme (presentation style) from the Theme tab.
    Edit theme
    • Preview theme by clicking the magnifying glass.Preview theme
    • Click Select and then Set Theme to choose your preferred style.
      Select theme
  9. Once your ePortfolio has been created, under My Items, select Share from the drop-down menu next to the title of your ePortfolio.
  10. There are a couple of options to either share within or outside the organization. Send invitation with the Add Users and Groups button or share a URL that will allow anyone to view.
    Add user
    If you choose to share with the Add Users and Groups button, browse by entering a user’s last name or group name to search and click on the individual or group name.  Assign permissions [1] and click Share [2].  If successful, on the My Items page, a person icon will display next to the number of individuals that have access to the ePortfolio [3].
    Add users
    Note: By default, the visibility is always on.  Add a specified date range for the user’s access to the ePortfolio by clicking the “Show Visibility Options” link.  To delete the user’s access, click the person icon and click X.
    Set visability