Faculty Service and Civic Engagement

Faculty members in the College of Education aspire to be outstanding teachers who make significant scholarly contributions to their fields of study. Equally important, however, faculty and staff both volunteer their time to make important societal and professional contributions that demonstrate leadership expressed in service to others.

Our faculty and staff participate in a broad array of activities in partnership with our many shareholders in urban, suburban and rural schools and communities, human service and other types of agencies, and professional organizations. Service includes membership on boards, executive and advisory committees, task forces, and steering groups as well as numerous leadership and consulting roles.

We invite you to take note below of the many ways our faculty and staff demonstrate professional and civic engagement. This compendium of service illuminates our profound commitment to social justice and serves to honor Marquette’s tradition as a Catholic, Jesuit university.

Birren, Jill


Burant, Teresa


Bostic, Heidi


Burkard, Alan

  • Consulting Psychologist, Penfield's Behavior Clinic, providing psychological services to children under five with behavior and emotional problems from families living in poverty.

  • Consulting Psychologist, Penfield's Montessori Academy, providing psychological and school counseling services to school students and their families.

  • American School Counselor Association; Past-President
  • American School Counselor Association; Positions Committee Co-Chair (2005-2009)
  • Department of Public Instruction; Committee for Revision of the Wisconsin Developmental Guidance Model (2005-2008)
  • Editorial Board for Professional School Counseling (2009-present)
  • Milwaukee Public Schools- School Counseling Advisory Council (2009-2010)
  • Milwaukee Public Schools-Elementary School Guidance Counseling Grant Advisory Council (2006-2009)
  • Reviewer for Journal of Counseling Psychology (2007-present)
  • Reviewer for Training and Education in Professional Psychology (2007-2011)
  • Reviewer for Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Journal (2007-present)
  • Wisconsin School Counselor Association; President-elect, President, Past President (2005-2009)
  • Stroke and Turn Official, Wisconsin Swimming, (2009-2011)
  • President, Ozaukee Aquatics Swim Club, (2008-2010)
  • Technology Committee, Ozaukee Aquatics Swim Club, (2007-2008)
  • Parent Volunteer, Ozaukee Aquatics Swim Club, (2003-2011)

Burmeister, Sara

  • President of Oak Creek Public Library Board Foundation
  • Centennial Salvation Army Advisory Council Member
  • Kiwanis Club Treasurer
  • Volunteer for many projects in Milwaukee area

byrd, derria 


Fiscal Co-chair (2019-2022), Critical Educators for Social Justice Special Interest Group, American Educational Research Association 

Manuscript reviewer:

  • Journal of Diversity in Higher Education (ad hoc) (2017-present)
  • Democracy and Education (ad hoc) (2016-present)
  • Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs (2015-present)

Proposal reviewer:

  • Division J Postsecondary Education, American Educational Research Association
  • Division L Educational Policy and Politics, American Educational Research Association

Callender, Karisse

  •  Editorial Board Member, Journal of Professional Counseling (2018 to present; 2016-2018 Ad Hoc)
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy (2018 to present; 2017-2018 Ad hoc)
  • Editorial Board Member, Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation (2018 to present)
  • Committee Member, Sex Offender Treatment Committee, International Association of Addictions and Offender Counseling (2019 to present)
  • Committee Member, Trauma Competency Development Sub-Group, Crisis Preparedness and Trauma Counseling Task Force, American Counseling Association (2018-2019)

Carlson, Mary 

  • Common Ground Milwaukee

Clark, Kathleen 

  • Chair, Research Publication Awards Subcommittee, International Research Association, 2007-2009.
  • Member, Research Publication Awards Subcommittee, International Reading Association, 2006-2007.
  • Member, Research Program Development Subcommittee, International Reading Association, 2000 – 2002.
  • Reviewer for Guilford Press.
  • Co-editor, Michigan Reading Journal, 2002-2004.

Edwards, Lisa

  • Círculo de Mamás: Wellness support group for Latina mothers at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers
  • Proyecto Mama Task Force (2017-present)
  • Co-Director of the Latina/o Well-Being Research Initiative (2015-present)
  • Secretary of the National Latina/o Psychological Association (2015-2017)
  • Mentor and guest speaker for the Latino/a Non-Profit Leadership Program, Milwaukee, WI (2006-2015)
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Latino/a Taskforce Member, United Way of Greater Milwaukee (2014-2016)
  • Journal of Latina/o Psychology, Ad-hoc Reviewer (2013-present)
  • Member of the Education Committee of the Notre Dame Schools (2016-2018)
  • Volunteer on the Spanish Warmline for Postpartum Support International (PSI) (2014-2017)
  • Volunteer psychologist at Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic (working with pregnant and postpartum uninsured Latinas) (2015-2017)

Ellwood, Cynthia 

  • Member of the Advisory Council, Black Lives Matter Initiative of the Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Mentor to the District Equity Specialist, Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Collaboration for Leadership Development with the Office of School Administration, Milwaukee Public Schools

Gibson, Melissa 


Jessup-Anger, Jody

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 2009-present
  • Ad hoc Reviewer, International Research and Scholarship section, Journal of College Student Development, 2009-present
  • Co-chair, Presidential Taskforce on Sexual Violence in Higher Education, ACPA – College Student Educators International
  • Member, Commission on Professional Preparation in Student Affairs, ACPA – College Student Educators International

Jones, Weneaka


Knobloch-Fedders, Lynne 

  • Associate Editor, Psychotherapy Research (2016 – present)                        
  • Advisory Editor, Family Process (2008 – present)
  • Member, Society for Psychotherapy Research Executive Council Nominating Committee (2014 – present)                         
  • Co-investigator, Reintegration difficulty of military couples following deployment. U.S. Department of Defense grant, USAMRMC Log No. 12154004. (2014 – 2018)                            

Knox, Sarah

  • MU Faculty Council
  • Co-Editor, Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 2013-present
  • Cathedral (Episcopal)l Corporation 2018-present
  • Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session:Editorial Board, 2012-present
  • Training & Education in Professional Psychology (APA Journal): Ad Hoc Reviewer, 2008-present
  • Division 29 (Psychotherapy) of APA: Publications Board, 2019-present
  • MU Dissertation Boot Camp Mentor
  • MU Grade Appeals Process Committee
  • Collegium Ladyes Board of Directors, 2016-present

Kriofske Mainella, Alexandra


LaBelle, S.J., Rev. Jeffrey

  • Board of Directors, Loyola Academy
  • Board of Members, Marquette University High School
  • Board of Trustees, Nativity Jesuit Academy
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Bilingual Research Journal
  • Manuscript Reviewer for the Journal of Church and State
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Rowan & Littlefield Publishers
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Journal of Moral Education
  • Manuscript Reviewer for Journal of Teacher Education

Melchert, Timothy

  •  School Board Member, Fox Point-Bayside School District
  • Member, International Scientific Committee, World Conference on Psychology, Counseling and Guidance, Antalya, Turkey.
  • Member, Scientific Committee, ORASI Portugal Network of Psychologists.

Ong, Lee Za

  • Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Rehabilitation Administrator (2019 - present)
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Disability Studies (2018 - present)
  • Advisory Board, Elena’s House, Milwaukee WI (2017 - present)
  • Member, Greater Milwaukee Suicide Prevention (2016 - present)
  • Manuscripts Reviewer, Wisconsin Counseling Journal (2013 - 2018)
  • Board of Director in IndependenceFirst, Milwaukee, WI (2014 - 2018)

van den Kieboom, Leigh

  • Primary for Mathematics Science Partnership Grant, Partnership with West Allis/West Milwaukee School District

Velez, Gabriel

  • Faculty Research Team for Center for Peacemaking
  • Consultant with Fundacion para la Reconciliacion and Comision de la Verdad, based in Colombia
  • Co-chair of 2020 Psychology & Peace Conference
  • Associate Editor, special issue of Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology on peace education
  • Associate Editor, special issue of Translational Issues in Psychological Science on intersectionality
  • Editorial Board Psychology & Society
  • Reviewer:
    Emerging Adulthood
    Journal of Adolescent Research
    Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology

Ventura, Julissa


Walker-Dalhouse, Doris

  • Member, Literacy and Education Reform Task Force, International Reading Association (2014- 2015)
  • Association for Literacy Educators and Researchers Conference Committee (2014)
  • Edward Fry Book Committee, Literacy Research Association
  • Proposal Reviewer
    • Association for Literacy Educators & Researchers
    • The International Reading Association
  • Manuscript Reviewer
    • Journal of Teacher Education
    • Literacy Research & Instruction
    • Urban Education
    • The Reading Teacher
  • Book Reviewer
    • International Reading Association
    • Corwin Press
  • Area 8 Co-Chair, Literacy Learning & Practice in Multilingual and Multicultural Settings Literacy Research Association Annual Conference Committee (2013-2015)
  • Co-Chair, Response to Intervention Task Force, International Reading Association(2013-2015)
  • International Reading Association Conference Committee (2012 and 2013)