Teambuilding Facilitators

Whether it is to develop goals and vision, enhance communication, or just help people have more fun, the Office of Engagement and Inclusion’s Leadership Program Assistants can develop and present activities for your group that will help you meet your goals. Staff can present sessions from 15 minutes to 2 hours, and each can be catered specifically to your organization and your needs.

Staff can facilitate the experience for you, or if you prefer, help you find the information, activities, and materials for you to do it yourself. Sessions have been presented to a variety of student organizations and campus groups. Please see the sessions that are offered below, and reach out to any of our team members to schedule a session, craft a new session, or simply learn more!

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Time Management

Time to get organized! Learn how best to prioritize your week and semester. Participants will find how to manage time effectively and exhibit autonomy through personal responsibility and accountability.

Non-positional Leadership

Improve your leadership abilities within your organization! No matter your title, you can learn to step up and influence others positively. This workshop is influenced by the True Colors Assessment and Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and allows you to learn about your personal leadership.

Understanding Values

Through self-reflection and group activities, individuals will understand which values are most important to how they live out their leadership as well as understanding how their values might be different than those of the group/team they are a part of. Ultimately, this session gives participants an understanding of how these values will change and evolve throughout college and in the different leadership roles they see themselves in.

Effective Communication

Discover the importance of communication, and develop skills and strategies to improve overall communication within any group.

Team Building and Communication

Learn how to navigate strengths and weakness within a team to make it stronger as a whole. Enhance social relationships and define roles to be the most collaborative group you can be.