Student Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I work? 

Marquette partners with more than 200 leading engineering and technology firms that hire students for co-ops and internships. These include Fortune 500 companies, technology startups, health care organizations and many more. Firms are located across the country and, in some cases, internationally. 

How do I land a co-op or internship? 

Our Office of Industry Relations is here to help you in the process. During your sophomore year, we lead you through a required course in professional development, where you can learn about work to master the essential skills that serve you will in your co-op or internship search. 

While the majority of students connect with their eventual co-op and internship employers ar our career fairs, you can also find prospective employers through Handshake, LinkedIn, or your own connections. 

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When am I eligible?

You can begin in the summer, fall or spring term after completing your sophomore year.

You can begin any time. 

When do I work?

You can alternate work terms with academic semesters or complete three co-op work terms in a row, January through December. There are many schedule options. You and your employer will determine a schedule that works for both of you.

It's common to complete internships between academic years and/or during university breaks. Some students intern part time during academic semesters. 

Is this required for my major?

If you are in the Construction Engineering and Management program, yes. For all other engineering majors, it's optional.

No, internships are not required for any engineering majors. 

Will I be paid?

Yes. All co-ops are paid positions, with salary / wages differing at each company. 

Internships are typically paid positions. 

When do the employers start recruiting?

Recruitment typically takes place from September of your sophomore year through December of your junior year. 

Recruitment takes place all year long. 

Do I get academic credit?

Yes: one academic credit per completed work term. Three completed work terms fulfill one technical elective. 

No, but you do gain valuable experience. 

Are there any limitations?

You can complete between two and five work terms with the same employer; three is most typical. 

You can complete multiple internships with the same employer or with multiple organizations. 

What does it cost?

You'll pay a small registration fee per co-op work term, but tuition is not charged during your work term. You may have transportation or lodging costs. 

There is no tuition charged for an internship, but you may have transportation or lodging costs. 

How will this impact my student status, financial aid package and tuition?

Marquette Central will adjust your financial aid package based on your co-op schedule. 

Internships do not impact student status, financial aid packages or tuition.