• Once you declare the International Affairs Major as your primary major, you will be assigned a faculty member advisor from the International Affairs program.
  • If you have not declared the International Affairs Major or any other major, your freshman year advisor is the individual with whom you should meet during Advising Week.


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How do I get an advisor?

  • In the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, all students are assigned a pre-major academic advisor who can help them with major exploration and discernment. The norm is for a student to declare their major by the end of their sophomore year. 
  • Once declared, you will then be assigned a faculty advisor in the department of your declared major, who will be your advisor through graduation. 

How do I find my advisor?

Follow these instructions: How do I find my advisor?

Do I have to have an advisor?

Yes. Marquette requires you to have an advisor sign off on your schedule before allowing your registration to be processed. We want to ensure you are getting all of the courses you need and progressing toward graduation.

Why should I meet with my advisor?

Advisors are here to help with all student needs:  

    • Your academic advisor can work with you on major/minor discernment and career exploration.  
    • Your advisor is a good touchpoint for resources on Marquette’s campus.  
    • Your advisor can assist you with improving study skills, time management, stress management, and so on. 
    • Your advisor is among the first people you should contact if you start to feel like you are struggling in any way. The advisors are very experienced with helping students pinpoint their issues and help get them back on track. 
    • If you have a quick question, you can reach out to your advisor via email, but if you start getting a large list of questions or have a question or two that may require more time, definitely call (414) 288-5989 to schedule a meeting with your advisor. 
  • Important note: Arts and Sciences students are also required to meet with their advisor for registration appointments; students cannot enroll in courses until they meet with their advisor. 

How should I prepare for my advising appointment?

  • Utilize the INIA Bulletin and be sure to look through major, minor, and core requirements. You can also find elective courses to take in the courses section of each INIA concentration.  It is recommended you come into a registration appointment with a list of a minimum of 6 courses, but listing more allows for more discussion and brainstorming with your academic advisor.