The Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs allows students to focus on the types of issues that most interest them. Students can choose among five concentrations:  Area Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, International Economic Relations, International Political-Military Relations, International Communication, and Peace Studies. Students may also customized their own concentration (e.g., international health, international cyber security, or international business).

(e.g., Middle East, European Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Developing Countries)

Scenes from the Middle East.



Four images of architecture, people, instruments, and dance from different parts of the world.



Four images representing international political economy; stock market numbers, a cargo ship, human trafficking, and migrant laborers.



Four images depicting a tank, the UN assembly room, a cyber map, and a hand reaching for help past a barbed wire fence.



Four images; one of humanitarian relief, candlelight vigil, a ladder ascending the Berlin Wall, and a protest march.



Four images of a single light bulb, a globe circled by cyber signals, a face mask, and melting glaciers.