Governance, project, and publication files maintained by Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata  to document  "a resource and networking ministry with Catholic parents of LGBT+ daughters and sons" they founded in 2004, after they left the Catholic Gay and Lesbian Family Ministry, based in Rochester, New York, which they had begun in 1992. The Lopatas retired from the board of directors in 2014 and the organization restructured in 2018 under new leadership. More information is available on its website. Casey Lopata passed away in May of 2021.

Gift of Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata, 2018.

Scope and Content

The Fortunate Families (FF) records are arranged into four series. They include electronic as well as paper formats. Both of these formats have been integrated into the arrangement scheme and are available to on-site researchers. Paper documents are stored in cardboard boxes and folders. Electronic records (ER) reside in electronic folders on a computer server and are clearly identified as such on the inventories (e.g. ER-1). 

Series 1, Governance Files, 2004-2014, contains minutes of board meetings and legal and policy documents.

Series 2, Project Files, 2000-2014, consists of files on the Seeds of Hope project, a survey of Catholic parents of LGBT children, and the Listening Parents Network.

Series 3, Publications, 2001-2017, contains annual reports, newsletters, and the resource manual Seeds of Hope, first published in 2001 with supplements issued in 2002, 2003, and 2006.

Series 4, Curated Website Captures, 2016-, provides access to versions of the organization's website.