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What is MARQCATplus?

It is an enhanced library catalog. There are two significant enhancements over the traditional online catalog: interface and collections searched.


MARQCATplus offers a powerful keyword search. This Google-like search allows easier discovery of hard-to-find items contained in many separate databases. While search results may be more numerous there are many options for narrowing the results list. See above tab: Faceted Display.

This interface searches indexed content that includes Marquette collections and returns the findings in one, integrated display.

Collections searched

  • Journal Articles: From your search results list, you can often look at the results from individual databases. (To select specific databases or perform more precise searches, use the "Databases" tab in the "Find Resources" box on the Library home page.)
  • Main collection: books, media, journals — everything the library owns that is cataloged
  • e-Archives: digitized materials from Marquette’s Special Collections and University Archives
  • e-Publications: papers, reports, dissertations & other documents by Marquette authors

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