Certificate Program

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science

The department of Medical Laboratory Science offers a two year professional certificate program for students with completed undergraduate degrees in a science-related major from a regionally accredited 4 year U.S. college or university. Students who meet the academic and clinical practicum criteria upon completion of the certificate program will be eligible to take the Board of Certification exam to work as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Admission Requirements – Admission to the certificate program is based on enrollment limits. Not all qualified applicants will be admitted. The minimum requirements to apply to the program are:

  1. Completion of an undergraduate degree in a science-related field with minimum cumulative and science GPAs of 2.800.
  2. Completion of the following course prerequisites (with a minimum C grade):
    1. Two courses in general biology, lab not required
    2. Two courses in general chemistry, with lab
    3. One course in biochemistry (minimum 3 credit survey course)
    4. One course in organic chemistry, with lab (of a year-long sequence)
    5. One course in physiology or two courses in anatomy and physiology

Why Medical Laboratory Science Certificate Program at Marquette University?

  • Guaranteed clinical placement
    All students complete a six-month clinical internship in one of the respected hospitals or large clinics located just minutes from campus – a great advantage for successful completion of the certification exam.
  • High job placement/demand
    There is a critical national shortage in this field. Nearly 100% of graduates are employed in the field before graduation. Many take positions in clinical, hospital and research laboratories. This major is also excellent preparation for medical, law, dental and other graduate/professional schools.
  • Learn from the pros
    All Medical Laboratory Science courses are taught by professors or instructors who are certified clinical laboratory scientists, not teaching assistants.
  • Pass with flying colors
    Ninety-five percent of our graduates pass the certification exam on the first try, well above the national average of 80%.

Course Requirements:

See the course sequence and credits for the certificate.

Application Process:

  • Complete the application
  • Submit official transcripts by email to valerie.everard@marquette.edu. If the institution cannot submit electronically, have them mailed to:

    Department of Medical Laboratory Science
    Marquette University
    Schroeder Complex, 264
    PO Box 1881
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

For more information about the Medical Laboratory Science Certificate Program please contact:

Valerie Everard-Gigot, Ph.D., MT (ASCP)
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Medical Laboratory Science
Marquette University
Ph: (414) 288-7566