Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that features persistent conversations. Within each team, users can create different channels to organize communications by topic. Teams let participants access files, have conversations and schedule voice and video meetings — all in one place.

Students, faculty and staff use Microsoft Teams for online synchronous (live) class sessions and meetings. Learn more about Microsoft Teams.

How do I join my Teams online class session or meeting?

Follow these steps to join an online class session or meeting in Microsoft Teams.

What should I know about participating in a Teams meeting?

See these tips for attendees, introducing the Microsoft Teams meeting controls and how to use them.

How can I see who is in the Teams meeting?

See who is attending the meeting by clicking or tapping the Participants icon in the Teams meeting controls. A column appears showing you meeting participants,

Select participants

I'm an instructor. Do I need a Teams site for online Teams class sessions?

No, the Teams site is not required to offer online class sessions.

How do I create a Teams meeting?

Which web browsers are supported for Microsoft Teams?

The Teams desktop software is recommended for Teams, but some web browsers can work. See Microsoft's web client support page. Note that the Microsoft Teams web app no longer supports Internet Explorer 11 after Nov. 30, 2020.

I'm an instructor. How do I request Microsoft Teams sites for my courses?

As of Spring 2021, IT Services automatically creates Teams class sites. If you have questions about Teams site creation for courses, please contact the IT Services Help Desk.

How do I create my own Teams site? Which type of Teams site should I choose?

IMPORTANT FOR INSTRUCTORS: Before creating your own Teams site for a course, please note that you would need to manually enter all the members into the Teams site. For example, if the Teams site is for a class section, you would need to manually add each student to the Teams site. 

To make your own Teams site, see these instructions for creating a Team (that is, a Teams site). When IT Services creates Teams sites, the Other option is selected..

I'm an instructor. How do I notify students of online class sessions I've created?

See these instructions offering several ways to inform students about the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link for online class sessions.

I'm a student. Where do I see my Teams course sites?

While the D2L learning management system may cover most course materials and online class interactions, some course resources can appear in Microsoft Teams. To view them, launch Microsoft Teams. The main Teams screen will display your Teams course sites in list view.

List view

Or your Teams course sites will appear as tiles in grid view.

Grid view

To change your Teams layout view from list to grid or grid to list, see this "View and organize your teams" Microsoft Support article


How do I present a PowerPoint slideshow in a Teams meeting?

See methods for sharing your PowerPoint and other content in a Teams meeting.

I'm an instructor. How do combined D2L course sites affect Teams site requests?

Class sections that are officially combined within CheckMarq will generate a combined Teams site. Class sections that are combined in D2L, using the Combine D2L Course Sites request form, will generate separate Teams sites per section. Instructors can move students from separate Teams sites into a single Teams site. But note that automatic enrollment updates will only continue for original members of the single Teams site. Additions or drops would no longer be automated for manually-moved students in the single Teams site.

How do I add a poll or survey to a meeting chat?

Watch this video (for Marquette users only) to see how to add a poll, survey or Microsoft Form into the meeting chat.

Why do students have a Chat icon in Teams and most faculty and staff do not?

Different features appear in Microsoft Teams, depending on your Teams account. In the left navigation bar for Teams, students see both the Chat and Calls icons, but instructors do not. Find out why.

Can I use my mobile device and its built-in camera for Teams?

Yes, Teams mobile apps can use your device's camera(s). Download the Teams app for iOS or the Teams app for Android.

I'm a student. How long do I have access to a Teams site after the course ends?

Enrolled students retain access to Teams course sites until four weeks after the term ends.

Can I use a stylus with Microsoft Teams?

A stylus that is compatible with your touch-surface device’s operating system can work with Microsoft Teams. But note that you would need to use the “Open in desktop app” option from Teams to use the stylus on documents. And writing/drawing on a shared screen in a Teams meeting (unless using Whiteboard) is not currently supported.

When I look at my camera view in a Teams meeting, I see a mirrored image, including any text I'm showing. What do attendees see?

Other attendees see the non-mirrored view of your camera feed, including any text on whiteboards or physical documents. Only you see your Teams camera view as if you are looking in a mirror. If you prefer, you can unmirror your video feed.


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk for questions about Microsoft Teams.