What's a Teams PIN? How Do I Reset My PIN?

The best way for an instructor or meeting leader to join an online class session or meeting is with the Microsoft Teams desktop software. But if you're not able to use the desktop software, you may need to start the online class session/meeting over a phone call. That's where your Teams PIN for audio conferencing comes in.

The Teams PIN is a numeric code assigned to each Microsoft Teams user. Without your Teams PIN when dialing in via phone, you may be placed in the Audio Conferencing Center "lobby." You'll listen to on-hold music, waiting for another participant to admit you into the online class session/meeting. Entering your Teams PIN prevents the lobby wait.

If you don't already know your Teams PIN for audio conferencing, you can reset your Teams PIN.


Faculty and Staff

If resetting your Teams PIN from off-campus, you may be prompted to use Duo Security Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to confirm your identity. Be sure you are registered for Duo Security to reset your Teams PIN.


Resetting Your Teams PIN for Audio Conferencing

  1. Go to https://mysettings.lync.com/pstnconferencing
  2. If you haven't recently logged in to Microsoft Office 365, you may be prompted to sign in.

    Click or tap here if you need to log into Office 365...

    1. Type in your marquette.edu email address, or select your email address if shown as an option. Click or tap the Next button.

      Sign in with email address

    2. You may be prompted for your password. Enter your Marquette password and click or tap the Sign in button.

      Enter your password

    3. Decide if you want to stay signed in to reduce your number of logins. Select Yes or No.

      Stay signed in prompt: Yes or No
  3. Faculty and staff accessing from off-campus may need to verify their identity further with a Duo Security prompt. Select and act upon your Duo method (Send Me a Push, Call Me or Enter a Passcode) to continue.

    Act on Duo Security prompt to advance

  4. The Audio Conferencing page appears. Click or tap the Reset PIN button.

    Reset PIN button

  5. If successful, you are given a new five-digit Teams PIN with the message "Your changes have been saved successfully." Note your new Teams PIN.

Joining Your Meeting Using Your Teams PIN

Now that you have your new Teams PIN, you're ready to join your class session/meeting with it.

  1. Locate your online class session/meeting details in a calendar item or sent email. Note the call-in audio conference number and the Conference ID.
  2. Call the audio conference phone number. An automated voice welcomes you to the Audio Conferencing Center.

  3. From your phone, enter the Conference ID followed by the # pound sign.

  4. The automated voice will say "If you are meeting organizer, press star now." Press * star. You will be prompted to enter your five-digit Teams PIN followed by the # pound sign.

  5. The automated voice will announce "You are now joining the meeting as the leader." You have successfully joined the audio conference as the meeting organizer.


Please contact the IT Services TechSquad for questions about Microsoft Teams.