Upcoming Features for Microsoft Teams

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The features may not be available today but are planned for upcoming updates of Microsoft Teams. 

New Teams for Windows

Microsoft introduced New Teams for Windows.

Hide My Own Video Feed in Teams Meetings

Teams will allow you to hide your video feed from your view only in a Teams meeting. Once you select the hide-my-video option, you cannot see your video feed, but all other participants can see your video feed during the meeting.

This upcoming feature is helpful in seeing all content shared in a meeting. By omitting your video feed, the setting would prevent your video feed from blocking part of your view of the shared content.

Enhancements to Loop Components in Teams chat

From Teams chat or in meeting chat, you can send a Loop component. Loop components serve as starters for composing content, such as a table, task list or paragraph. After adding a Loop component to the chat, you and other chat members can collaboratively edit and view each other's changes in real time. Microsoft is planning to extend Loop components to Teams channel conversations as well.


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