Restore an expired Teams video recording

Some Teams video recordings you own may be set to expire, sending the video to the recycling bin. If your video recording expires, you will receive an email message stating the recording has expired and has been sent to the recycling bin. You have 90 days to restore expired videos before they are permanently deleted. Follow these steps to restore the video to its original location.

  1. Go to the email notification with the subject, "Your Teams meeting video has expired and is now deleted." Click the "Go to the Recycle Bin" button.

    Expiration email with Recycle Bin button

  2. Your web browser opens showing the Recycle bin. From the Recycle bin, select the video recording to restore.

    Select video file

  3. Upon selection of the video file, the Restore button appears. Click or tap Restore.

    Restore button to move video out of Recycle bin

  4. Your video moves out of the Recycle bin and is restored to its original location. The expiration date setting automatically changes to "No expiration."

    No expiration


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