The Marquette University Police Department was commissioned on May 1, 2015, after an agreement with the state of Wisconsin’s Department of Justice and Attorney General’s office. Formerly the Department of Public Safety, MUPD converted the university’s public safety officers to fully commissioned police officers by taking a phased training approach.

With more than 80 trained public safety professionals, including 44 sworn police officers, MUPD has an extensive safety infrastructure throughout campus and in the near-off-campus neighborhood, which includes more than 750 cameras and more than 450 Blue Light phones, a state-of-the-art command information center and the nationally recognized Department of Campus Safety.

Police Officers

The police officer’s primary role is to prevent crime and the breach of public order. Primary responsibilities include protecting students, faculty, staff, campus visitors, property and facilities from accidents, bodily harm, fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry; enforcing laws and traffic and parking regulations; apprehending violators; providing general information and assistance to the public; conducting criminal investigations; and participating in community-oriented policing efforts.

Marquette University Police Department's patrol boundaries 

Public Safety Officers

Public Safety officers are responsible for protecting the Marquette community and securing Marquette's property. They conduct walking patrols of campus buildings and grounds, provide authorized after-hours access to buildings, and assist campus community members, who have locked keys in cars, need jump-starts or require other assistance.

Communications Officers

Communications officers coordinate the department's response to calls for assistance. They monitor the radio communications among officers, answer calls for assistance received via telephone or the Blue Light Phone system and monitor the department's video surveillance systems.