Timely and effective communication provides the best possible opportunity to safeguard the well-being of the campus community during times of crisis. The Marquette University Police Department issues safety alerts through text messages and emails to Marquette students, faculty and staff in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act. The Clery Act requires colleges and universities to report campus crime data, support victims of violence, and publicly outline the policies and procedures in place to improve campus safety.

Recent MUPD safety alerts are available online.

Text alerts

A safety alert text message is only sent if there is an active threat to campus or if there is a significant police presence. Occasionally an alert may be sent if there is a building or weather-related issue. Text alerts inform the campus community of immediate action steps that will preserve safety and generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Active threats – use caution: Incidents requiring campus community members to use caution and be aware of surroundings. Examples include armed robberies and shots fired with no victims.
  • Ongoing active threats: Indicates emergency situations that are currently unfolding and likely to evolve. Typically include instructions to seek shelter or avoid areas. Examples include severe weather, fires and hazmat situations, and active shooters.
  • Campus facility responses: Notifications of building closures and evacuations, typically due to utility outages and fire alarms.
  • Significant police presence: Indicates an on-campus or nearby incident requiring multiple squad cars and/or emergency vehicles; asks community members to avoid the area. Used when there is no threat to campus.
  • Updates – situation resolved: Used to indicate no further threat to campus. Examples include suspects in custody, secured emergency scenes and severe weather threat expirations.

Because MUPD is a commissioned police force, it responds to many incidents each day that do not pose a threat to campus and, therefore, do not warrant a text alert. MUPD keeps a daily log of all crimes or serious incidents that occur within its patrol boundaries, which extend blocks beyond campus. Learn more about daily log information.

MUPD typically does not issue a safety alert if they apprehend the subject(s) and the threat of imminent danger for members of the Marquette community has been mitigated by the apprehension. An exception may be made when there is a significant police presence at the scene or an investigation area that the public is requested to avoid.

Email alerts

When MUPD gathers more information through its investigation, an email is sent that includes suspect and vehicle descriptions, if applicable. This information encourages people to avoid a certain area and watch for suspects who match the description. All Safety Alert emails are posted online in Marquette Today, and alerts may be updated with new information if and when it becomes available.

How to receive text alerts

All students, faculty and staff are automatically opted into the text messaging system if their mobile phone numbers are up-to-date and labeled as a mobile number in CheckMarq for students or in MyJob for faculty and staff. (Faculty and staff with university-owned cell phones will automatically receive text alerts.) Please ensure your device settings are not blocking mass notifications or emergency notifications.

EagleEye app

The EagleEye app hosts many Marquette safety resources, and anyone — including parents and neighbors — can download it via the App Store or Google Play. Location services must be enabled and push notifications allowed for full functionality. In addition to maps, emergency procedures and providing support resources, the app offers important real-time campus safety services:

  • Safety alert push notifications: These are the same notifications received via text. You must have your push notification settings on for the app to receive these.
  • Transportation locator for LIMO Express: When the "Campus Safety" setting is on, this map shows all active LIMO Express vehicles and the directions in which they're traveling, making it easier for riders to anticipate when a shuttle will arrive at a particular route destination.
    • The white LIMO Express vans drive a set route throughout campus and handle more of our off-campus transports. Blue LIMOs are not restricted to a set route and are the ones responding to requests called into dispatch at (414) 288-6363.
    • Remember that LIMO Express routes are active from 4 p.m. until 3 a.m. every day and will only appear on the map during operating hours.
    • At present, the map does not include information for dispatched LIMOs.
  • Mobile BlueLight: By tapping a button, MUPD will be dispatched to your device’s location to immediately respond. MUPD does not track devices with the EagleEye app installed. Device location information is only shared with MUPD when a Mobile BlueLight communication is activated, and, even then, MUPD does not have a name associated with the device.


Recent MUPD safety alerts