F-1 regulations permit students maintaining F-1 status at Marquette to work on-campus. In general, "on-campus employment" means jobs paid from Marquette University funds and performed on Marquette University property. Employment with university dining services and the university book store also count as on-campus employment.

Limits on On-Campus Work:

• On-campus employment is limited to 20 hours per week inclusive of all campus jobs (including graduate assistantships) when school is in session

• On-campus work may be full-time during school vacations including summer break, winter break, and spring break. Graduate students with assistantships should consult with the Graduate School before beginning any on-campus employment because Graduate School policy may limit or prevent additional work. Students planning to work during a school vacation must have been properly enrolled and in F-1 status at Marquette prior to such on-campus work and must intend to continue their MU F-1 studies after the break. 

• Students may apply for on-campus work up to 30 days before the program start date on their I-20. 

• Students transferring out of Marquette must end their on-campus work by their SEVIS release date.

How to Obtain On-Campus Employment

  1. Begin by logging in to the student employment database called JobX using your CheckMarq username and password and applying for an on-campus job.
  2. After you have received an offer from a campus employer, you must read the Federal Regulations about on-campus employment and complete the following form:
  3. Visit the Office of International Education (OIE) to request your "Confirmation of On-Campus Employment Authorization" letter.  Bring your: The OIE assistant will return your passport and Form I-20 to you immediately and will arrange a time for you to return to OIE to pick up your confirmation letter. (This will likely be 4 to 5 business days later.) Students are not emailed or called to return and collect the letter.
  4. Apply for a Social Security number from the Social Security Administration office in downtown Milwaukee, if you do not already have a number.
  5. On your first day of work, complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form.
    • If you are a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant go to the Graduate School (Zilber Hall 2nd Floor) to complete the I-9 form and other forms. Bring the confirmation letter you received from OIE.
    • All other students should go to MU Central (Zilber Hall) to complete the 
      I-9 form. Bring the confirmation letter you received from OIE. Also bring the JobX Placement form you received from your on-campus employer.
  6. If this is your first on-campus job, you must contact the MU Payroll Dept. within three (3) days of your first day of work. Send an email with your first and last name and your MUID to robert.krenzke@marquette.edu. Send this email from your MU email address.
    • Upon receiving your email, the Payroll Dept. will set up an account for you in the Glacier Online Tax Compliance System. Once this is done, you will receive an email from support@online-tax.net containing your assigned username and password with a link to the system (when you access the system for the first time, you may change your password if desired). Glacier will analyze your status, length of stay and home country to pinpoint any income tax treaty benefits available for you. You must complete the information requested in Glacier as part of your hiring process regardless of whether you believe treaty benefits are available.
    • This tax compliance process will ask you for your Social Security number. If you do not have a Social Security number when you begin this process, you will need to go back to the portal and add your number as soon as you have received it.
    • Once you have completed the process (including your Social Security number), Glacier generates a final summary page explaining which documents you must print from the system and which of your personal documents you should copy.
    • Present the summary page, the documents you have printed and the copies of your personal documents (in-person) to the MU Payroll Office. Please bring your original passport, Form I-20, I-94 Verification and Social Security card as well as the copies you have made when you visit the Payroll Department at 313 N. 13th, Stuite 201, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

      Please direct questions about Glacier access to one of the following in the MU Payroll Dept.: Bob Krenzke, 414-288-5136 or Michelle Evert Cook, (414) 288-7484.