What is the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program?

The Exchange Visitor Program was developed to implement the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act (the Fulbright-Hayes Act) of 1961. The overall purpose of the Act, and the objectives of the Exchange Visitor Program are to “foster global understanding through educational and cultural exchanges.” The U.S. Department of State sets the policies governing the Exchange Visitor Program and is responsible for issuing visas to Exchange Visitors. The Department of State also certifies exchange program sponsors (such as Marquette University) to administer the program on the local campus.

The Exchange Visitor Program may not be used for the sole purpose of employment, or for work that is completely independent with no relationship to Marquette University. Cross cultural exchange activities are a mandatory part of the Exchange Visitor Program and Marquette departmental hosts are required to have plans to offer cross cultural exchange opportunities for their exchange visitors in place as part of their request to host an Exchange Visitor.  They are also required to provide a summary of those plans to OIE at the end of an Exchange Visitor's program. For information about employment visas for university employees who do not qualify as an exchange visitor, contact Marquette Human Resources or the Marquette Office of the General Counsel.

The U.S. visa for participation in the Exchange Visitor Program is called a J visa. At Marquette, select staff in the Office of International Education (OIE) are designated Responsible Officers with the Department of State. The Responsible Officers help Marquette departments who wish to host J-1 Exchange Visitors and also monitor and enforce departmental and Exchange Visitor compliance with the J-1 regulations that structure the Exchange Visitor Program. 


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