To facilitate your arrival and ensure a positive start to your time at Marquette University, the following information and resources are available. Your faculty host is also a resource. Be sure to also communicate your travel plans to your faculty host and ask them for assistance.

Arriving in the U.S.

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When to Arrive

When making your travel plans, you should arrange to arrive in the U.S. within 30 days before the program start date on your Form DS-2019. You may not enter the U.S. earlier than 30 days before the program start date. If you are delayed and cannot arrive by your program start date, contact your host department and OIE. Your Form DS-2019 may need to be updated with a new start date before you enter the U.S.


When traveling, always hand-carry your visa documents and passport with you. Do not put them in your checked baggage. You will not have access to your baggage until after the immigration inspection at the port of entry.

Inspection at the Port of Entry

An immigration officer will ask you about your purpose for coming to the U.S. Answer all questions honestly and completely. If everything is in order, the officer will stamp your passport with your entry date and mark the stamp “J-1, D/S”. Check this stamp and notation in your passport before you leave inspection to be sure it is legible and correct.

Check-in with OIE and Orientation

Please arrange to meet with an OIE Responsible Officer within 2-3 days after you arrive in Milwaukee. Contact OIE at (414) 288-7289 to arrange an appointment time. This meeting will include information about maintaining your J-1 visa status, orientation to services at Marquette and in the Milwaukee community, and enrollment in the health insurance plan.

Living in Milwaukee

Welcome to Milwaukee!

Moving to a different country and culture can be both exciting and sometimes stressful. There are many things to discover when making a home in a new place. The links below will provide some useful information about living in Milwaukee. There will also be information at your orientation meeting with OIE.

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Housing for Scholars and Student Interns

We generally suggest that you visit a property in Milwaukee before signing a lease or committing to a rental agreement. You may need to stay in a local hotel or a campus apartment while you search for suitable housing.

Housing for J-1 Students (not Student Interns)

  • J-1 students (both degree-seeking and non-degree/exchange students) will receive information about housing via email.



  • The Marquette University Police Department provides safety and assistance to the Marquette community. In an emergency, call 414-288-1911.
  • The U.S. State Department has a helpline to ensure the health and safety of all exchange program participants. Participants, or anyone concerned about a participant, can contact the U.S. State Department at any time via the hotline 1-866-283-9090 or at


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