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Pre-Physical Therapy Advising

A clear understanding of the field and exposure to physical therapy are critical to ensure that students are making the right career choice. By the time students apply to physical therapy programs, they should also be able to articulate why physical therapy is their chosen profession.

Physical therapy graduate programs are typically about three years. Marquette University’s physical therapy program is a doctoral degree program, and it is a three-year program once students enter the professional phase. High school students interested in applying for Marquette University’s direct freshman entry program should visit the physical therapy direct admit page. Students who do not receive the direct admit offer or decide to apply once they are enrolled at Marquette can apply to transfer into the professional phase of the DPT program. These students typically apply during their junior year. For more information on transferring in while at Marquette, visit the physical therapy transfer information page.

Students in Arts and Sciences who are in the Direct Admit Physical Therapy (DRPT) program or tracking to apply to Marquette’s PT program should contact the Arts and Sciences Advising Center (414-288-5989) to schedule a meeting with Monica Lloyd. She will assist in developing a curriculum plan that includes the PT prerequisites.

Students who are interested in attending a physical therapy graduate program other than Marquette University’s DPT program can utilize our pre-health advising offices as they actively explore ways to become successful applicants to physical therapy programs.