Data Management Planning


What is Data Management?

Research data management is a concept used to describe the managing, sharing, and archiving of research data to make it more accessible to the broader research community. Research data management provides an opportunity for a researcher to create a plan that will ensure that their data will be organized so that it can be shared with other researchers and archived for long term preservation.


Data Management Support 

A data management support committee was formed in response to new NIH guidance coming in January 2023 for data management. The group is a collaboration of Raynor Memorial Libraries, Information Technology Services, Office of Research Compliance, and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Marquette recognizes the importance of this valuable practice and the regulations increasing around its inclusion in research practices; even beyond federally mandated regulations. The group endeavors to create solutions, provide guidance, and develop standards and best practices to meet current needs as well as anticipate future needs of our researchers. We look to educate the Marquette community on data management and develop best practices to meet current, and anticipate future, research data management needs of our researchers.


What Tools and Reference Materials are available?

Below are some reference materials developed for MU researchers to use as they look to develop and maintain their DMP's:


What is the DMPTool?

DMPTool is an online tool that helps researchers create data management plans (DMPs). The DMPTool provides data management plan templates, guidance, links to helpful documentation, issues to consider, and specific questions to think about when preparing your DMP. Many funding agencies, including NIH and NSF, require Investigators to share their project’s research data and to provide a DMP at the time of application or prior to any award. For more information about it, you can visit ORSP's DMPTool webpage or the DMPTool website directly.


What Training is available?

Workshops were held to help investigators learn more about research data management, sharing, and some recommended best practices. If you were unable to attend, you can hear a recording our Data Management Plans - Guidance for MU Researchers webinar. You can also learn more at the site, NIH Resources and Webinars about Data Sharing.


Still have questions?

Email contact for general DMP assistance:

ORSP Project Planning and Development Team contact (for sponsor-related questions):