Forward Thinking Research Symposium

This year's event will be held on Tuesday Nov. 28th from 1:00-4:00pm

In celebrating research across campus, the ORSP Forward Thinking Research Symposium provides opportunities to learn more about work being done in other disciplines and fosters professional skills for students. Unlike traditional conferences, where researchers convey the results of work that has been completed, the Forward Thinking presentations focus on projects that will take place in the next 6–12 months 


Be sure to stop by the AMU Ballrooms to check out some of the exciting work being done on campus.  Here is the agenda for the day:

1:00 – 1:10 Welcome from President, Dr. Michael Lovell and Vice President for Research and Innovation, Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp (Ballroom E)

1:15 – 2:45  Oral Presentations (in 2 adjacent ballrooms)

3:00 – 4:00  Reception and Poster Presentation (Ballroom E)



  • Below is the anticipated schedule of oral presentations (asterisked listings will also be displaying a supplemental poster at the reception).

Ballroom A                
(First Listed)
(First Listed)
Dept. Title Keywords
1 Alyssa Zabolotzky Callie Chiroff Nursing Navigating the hearts journey: A narrative analysis of parental experiences following diagnosis of their child's congenital heart disease Congenital Heart Disease Parental Experience Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
2 Rahman Heidarykiany Cristinel Ababei Electrical and Computer Engineering HVAC Energy Cost Minimization in Smart Grids: A Cloud-based Demand Side Management Approach with Game Theory Optimization and Deep Learning* Day ahead demand side management Appliance energy usage prediction Residential energy usage scheduling flexibility
3 Madaline McCarthy Jacqueline Christianson Nursing Addressing Compassion Satisfaction in Rural Wisconsin Paramedics and Emergency Room Nurses* Occupational stress Burnout, psychological Job retention
4 Amelia Kasper Allison  Murray Mechanical Engineering The Effects Of Sociocultural Factors On Mental Health For Minoritized Students In STEM​ Minorities STEM Students
5 Parama Sridevi Iqbal Ahamed Computer Science KidneyCare: A mHealth-based Care for Patients with Kidney Diseases Using Ten-second Fingertip Video and PPG with Machine Learning* Mobile Health (m-Health) Creatinine Kidney Condition Monitoring
6 Paramita Basak Upama Iqbal Ahamed Computer Science quantum machine learning in early detection and prediction of human diseases with non-invasively or minimally-invasively acquired features* Quantum machine learning Natural Language Processing Non-invasive or minimally-invasive data collection techniques
7 Olivia Eck Abir Beket Nursing Positive Thinking Training Intervention to Empower Latinx Women and Students of Color to Enhance their Leadership Abilities and Resiliency* Positive thinking  students of color/ latinx women Resiliency
8 Sherlean Roberts Risa Brooks Political Science The Missing Pieces Assessing the African Perspective An Analysis of Zambia and Senegal's Response to China's Soft Power Initiatives* Africa China Soft Power
9 Christian Otchere Shao Chun Communication Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Messaging in Higher Educational Institutions DEI Communication  Framing Analysis  University Messaging
10 Audrey  Vice Ofer Kedem Chemistry Using Single Atom Catalysts to Improve Reaction Selectivity for N-Heterocyclic Dibromides Catalysis Suzuki Coupling Heterocycles
11 Nicholas Langer Ofer Kedem Chemistry Harnessing the Power of Light to Produce Micro-sized Patterns of Functional Quantum Dots Quantum Dots Patterning Photochemistry
12 Esmeralda Lezama Ruiz Kimberly D' Anna Hernandez Psychology  SISTEM Study: The Effects Of Sociocultural Factors On Students In STEM​ Longitudinal Student Success Mental Health
13 Samuel Mazzone Dennis  Brylow Computer Science Energizing Web Development Exploring Computer Science Exploring Computer Science (ECS) Computer Science Curriculum Diversity and Inclusivity
14 Elizandra Sandoval Lisa Edwards Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Well-Being in Times of Stress: A qualitative exploration of Latinx caregivers’ experiences in the NICU/CICU Latinx caregivers  Well-being Stress
15 Kaley Davis Jacklynn Fitzgerald Psychology Neural Indices of Emotion Perception and Post-Traumatic Growth in Traumatic Injury Survivors Trauma Resilience Emotion
Ballroom D                
(First Listed)
(First Listed)
Dept. Title Keywords
1 Adebayo Adeleye  Damian  Kokkin Chemistry Experimental and Computational Studies of Methane Gas Hydrates Methane gas hydrates Matrix isolation experiment  Computaional studies
2 Ciara Schwarz Dawei Liu Dentistry Application of Low-Magnitude High-Frequency Mechanical Vibration to Enhance Orthodontic Retention* mechanical vibration alveolar bone formation orthodontic relapse and retention
3 Margarita Buitrago Eugenia Afinoguenova Languages, Literatures, and Cultures  Child refugees and the transnational iconographies of a better future during the Spanish Civil War,
Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 Child Refugees Violence
4 Fiona Kelly-Miller Enaya  Othman Languages, Literatures, and Cultures  Resistance through Threading Fashion: Transnational Reproduction of Cultural Clothing* Palestinians  Resistance  Cultural Dress
5 Chloe Langridge Emily Sontag Biological Sciences Using expansion microscopy and biochemistry to understand Huntington's Disease* chaperone biochemistry cell biology
6 Nidhi Nellore Michael Zimmer Computer Science Femtech Data Privacy post-Dobbs: A Preliminary Analysis of User Reactions* Femtech Data Privacy Ethics
7 Md Raihan Mia Samuel Nemanich Occupational Therapy A mHealth Game to Quantify Upper-limb Movement  Kinematics and Motor Functionality Assessment in Children with Cerebral Palsy* Gamification Motor Assessment Cerebral Palsy
8 Benjamin Bodus Walter McDonald Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Green Stormwater Infrastructure Filter for Removing Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus Green Infrastructure Urban Stormwater Runoff Water Quality
9 Omar Hegazy Walter McDonald Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Determining flow rates and flow sources in pipes using temperature data Distributed Temperature Sensing Flow measurments Infiltration and Inflow
10 Hannah Sheehan Amy  Newman Nursing Communication in the Early Pediatric Cancer Treatment Period with Hispanic Parents With Limited English Proficiency* Communication Pediatric Cancer Limited English Proficiency 
11 Jesse  Adikorley Mehdi Maadooliat Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Regularized Singular Spectrum Analysis* Functional Data Analysis Singular Spectrum Analysis Regularization
12 Soroush Mahmoudiandehkordi Mehdi Maadooliat Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Genome-Wide Association Analysis of IBD Data* Identity by Descent gwas IBD
13 Shirin Nezampour Mehdi Maadooliat Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Nonparametric multivariate collective density estimation* time series multivariae analysis signal processing
14 Yue Zhao Mehdi Maadooliat Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Regularized Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis via functional SVD* Penalized functional SVD Dimension reduction Functional data analysis

If you have any questions, please contact Project Planning and Development in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.