Bedspace Selection in the Campus Living Portal

Campus Town

Gilman / Frenn



The Marq      


When selecting any apartment through the Campus Living portal, you will be able to view the available number of bedspaces available in each unit.  This corresponds to the apartment capacity, and bedspaces are denoted by the lower-case letter after the apartment number (e.g. CE-0403a).  Although doubling up in a bedroom is not required, many of our apartment can accommodate up to two people per bedroom; others cannot.  Please review the Apartment Capacity Information to ensure that you are selecting an apartment type that can accommodate your roommate group.


Selecting a bedspace in Campus Town, Frenn, Gilman, or McCabe:

After you have locked an apartment, you must fill all bedspaces with one of the following:

  • Yourself
  • Your roommates
  • Buyouts – (Selecting a buyout does not incur any additional cost. It simply closes off that bedspace so that only you (and any roommates) are booked into the apartment). The total rental amount is split amongst the individuals who are booked into an apartment and sign the lease.


Booking a 2-bedroom in Campus Town West (4 total bedspaces) with 2 roommates (3 total people):

  • Bedspace a: You
  • Bedspace b: Roommate #1
  • Bedspace c: Roommate #2
  • Bedspace d: Buyout

Booking a 1-bedroom in McCabe (2 total bedspaces) on your own:

  • Bedspace a: You
  • Bedspace b: Buyout

Please note:

  • You must have at least one person per bedroom when booking an apartment in Campus Town.
  • Specific bedspace designations do not matter in Campus Town. When you and your roommates move in, you can decide at that time who will be living in which bedroom. 
  • Remember, even if some people pair up in bedrooms and others have their own rooms, rent is split evenly amongst all roommates living in an apartment.


Selecting a bedspace in The Marq:

Apartment bookings at The Marq work slightly differently, because the individual leases mean that you are booking a specific bedroom.

  • Current Marq Residents may rebook their exact bedspace from during the "Same Apartment Selection" timeline. You also have the option to pull in any eligible roommate who have submitted a deposit, but it is not required; you may also leave the other bedspaces in your apartment open.
  • Current residents who want a different/new apartment in The Marq may book any available bedspace during the "Different Apartment Selection" timeline. You also have the option to pull in any eligible roommate who have submitted a deposit, but it is not required.  However, you must fully fill the apartment at this time
  • Prospective Marq residents may book any available bedspace/apartment during the general apartment selection:
    • From 4pm to 9pm, you must fill all bedspaces within an apartment (e.g. you must have four total roommates to book an empty 4-bedroom).
      • We highly encourage that you use both the “Room Type” and “Bedspaces Available” search functions. This ensures that the search results show apartments that can accommodate your entire roommate group.
    • At 9pm, any remaining apartments/bedspaces will be available for random roommate selection (e.g. a single individual can book one spot in a 3-bedroom; 2 roommates can each book spots in a 4-bedroom, etc.).

Differences between Apartment types and bedspaces at The Marq

Bedspaces within each apartment at The Marq may differ.  Some have attached / private bathrooms, some are detached from the other bedrooms, etc.

Furthermore, specific Apartment Types may have different layouts.  For example, the 2-bed, 2-bath suites have two layouts: one with a bedroom on each side of the apartment, and one with neighboring bedrooms.

We highly recommend that you use our online guide to The Marq floorplans/bedspaces.  Here you can view the different apartment types and floorplans and learn which apartment numbers correspond to each.  Furthermore, the full-sized floorplans display bedspace letters, so you and your roommates can choose, in advance, who plans to live in which bedroom.  Then, when completing an apartment booking, you can specifically assign yourself and your roommates to your preferred bedspaces.