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Welcome to Marquette!

The Residence Life staff and the entire Marquette University community are looking forward to your arrival on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year!Please read the information below carefully as there have been changes since the July Arrival Survival Guide.
We are dedicated to helping make your stay in your residence hall a positive part of your experience at Marquette. Below you will find some helpful hints and answers to some frequently asked questions. 


When can you move into the halls?

Residence hall move-in will occur between Saturday, August 22 and Tuesday, August 25 for all students. 
To adhere to health official guidelines and ensure physical distancing during the move-in process, all incoming students will need to sign up for a 90 minute arrival time via the link in your assignment email. We have limited the number of students who can arrive at a given time and no exceptions can be made once a timeslot has filled.

If you need to change your move-in time:

You should receive an email confirmation after booking your move-in time. Save that email if needed for the future. At the bottom there is a Manage Booking button that will allow you to change your booking date/time. If you change residence halls before move-in, you should cancel the booking for your original hall and make a move-in booking for the new hall.


In addition, we will not be able to accommodate any early drop off or early arrival requests this year. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has tested positive you must isolate or quarantine at home.  You may not come to campus and move in to your residence halls or university apartment.

Here are some helpful hints for a smooth move-in day: 

  • Bring your own Dolly/Handtruck - we will not provide carts this year. 
  • Wear a mask. It is required for all to wear outside of the individual residence hall room. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes - there may be lines at the elevators so you may want to take the stairs. 
  • Please sign your housing contract and complete your Personal Data Card one week prior to your arrival via the Campus Living Portal.
  • Review the map for your building for move-in day.

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What furniture is in your room?

A twin bed, dresser, desk and desk chair, mirror, study lamp, curtains and mattress cover for each resident. 

All beds are extra long twin (36”x80”). We have provided information on our linens program ( if you need to purchase sheets to fit our beds. 

Your hall also has a laundry facility. Laundry machines accept coins and/or Marquette CASH. Do not bring laundry pods, as they cannot be used in our washers.

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What should you bring with you?

For your beds, we recommend that you bring extra long twin sheets, blankets, bed spread, pillow and pillow case.

  • For bathrooms, we suggest towels, wash cloths, buckets, robes, shower shoes and other toiletries. Marquette University custodial personnel clean the common bathrooms. Students with private bathrooms are responsible for cleaning their own personal baths. Cleaning private bathrooms remains of utmost importance.
  • The following electrical devices are acceptable:
    • hair dryers, electric shavers, curling irons, small microwaves (6 amps, 800 watts) refrigerators (no larger than 4.8 cubic ft.), televisions and personal computers.
  • Don’t forget your cell phone. Phone lines are not provided in the residence hall rooms.
  • Basic cable service is provide by Marquette University. Televisions and cable cords are not provided.
  • If you have been assigned a roommate, we encourage you to contact them. They may already have some of the items you want to bring.
  • We are also recommending the students bring multiple cloth face coverings with them to campus as they will be required for all to wear outside of the individual residence hall room, in addition to bringing hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes. Note that neck gaiters and bandanas have been shown to be ineffective at stopping the spread of COVID. 

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Please do not bring these items:

  • Students will not be allowed to move in additional large furniture (futons, couches, tables etc.), to help ensure de-densification and physical distancing within the rooms. A small chair such as a beanbag or folding chair for additional seating is allowed, as are smaller storage containers.
  • Toasters, deep-fat fryers, ovens, hot plates, power tools, camping stoves, George Foreman style grills, charcoal grills or anything with exposed coils or an open flame are not allowed. 
  • Subwoofers and amplifiers for electric guitars or other instruments and drum sets are not permitted. 
  • Wireless routers are not permitted per the IT Services Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). 
  • Torchier style halogen lamps are not to be used in residence hall rooms as they have proven to be a serious fire hazard. 
  • If you bring a refrigerator, it must not exceed4.8 cubic feet.  
  • Alcohol paraphernalia or advertising such as shot glasses, signs or empty containers are not allowed. We recommend reviewing the Office of Residence Life policies prior to your arrival.    
  • Please contact our office if you have any questions. 

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 Can I loft my bed?

Beds in all residence halls have the ability to be raised. This differs depending on the type of furniture in your specific hall (stacking furniture vs. using pegs). If you are able to raise your bed without re-positioning it in your room, you are able to do so. You will be responsible for doing so yourself with the assistance of your helpers on move-in day as residence life staff will be unable to help.

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 MicroFridge Rental Information

The MicroFridge is a one-of-a-kind unit that includes a full refrigerator, freezer and microwave all-in-one! This is a convenient alternative to bringing a refrigerator and microwave from home and is a must-have item for students attending Marquette from far away or out-of-state.

You can still order a MicroFridge, and it will arrive during the first full week of class. is endorsed and approved by Marquette University. To place your order, visit

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Can you switch rooms or halls?

We are currently holding on any room changes or waiting list requests to allow for dedensification in the halls. We do not intend to assign students to vacancies. 

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How do you protect belongings?

Marquette University is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of valuables, money or property belonging to students.

We strongly recommend that you insure your personal property while at Marquette, either through your parents’ home owners insurance policy or by purchasing separate property/renter’s insurance.

We also encourage you to inscribe your name on valuables before your arrival. Once you are on campus, you will have access to an engraver through the Department of Campus Safety.

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Do you need medical insurance?

Full-time undergraduates pay a per-term health fee that entitles them to benefits of Marquette University Medical Clinic. For additional information on health services, visit the Medical Clinic website.

What do you need in case of an emergency? The hospital in the area requires that students have a medical insurance card or a copy of it to present upon admittance. Remember to get one from your parents and bring it with you in the fall.

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Do you need to bring a computer?

Every student living in a Marquette university residence hall is provided a high speed internet connection to the campus network. In addition, all the residence halls have wireless connectivity. Students are not required to have their own computer as Marquette offers many computers for student use which are available in the residence halls and other locations across campus.

To view a list of labs, including available software and hours of operation, please visit the IT Services website.

Students are encouraged to bring a computer to campus and should contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 with any questions regarding minimum recommendationsNote that some classes will be in person, some will be remote and others will be a combination.

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Can I ship belongings to campus?

We are asking students to ship any items (including texbooks) to their permanent address and bring those items with them to campus on move-in day. We have limited ability to ensure physical distancing for students and staff in our mailroom areas if there is a large influx of packages and are unable to accommodate items shipped directly to residence halls before opening.

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I stored belongings with one of the recommended moving companies. What happens now?

Marquette is working with our preferred moving companies to have student belongings from the spring term delivered directly to your room before your arrival. If you want to make a different arrangement to get your belongings once classes begin, please contact the moving company directly. No moving companies will be allowed in the halls during move-in.

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Meal plan information

For information on your Anytime Dining meal plan, visit us online or contact our office. Meal plans will begin with dinner on Saturday, August 22.

Campus dining rooms will be open with numerous changes in order to account for pandemic protocol.  All locations have been required to reduce seating capacity so take out and grab-n-go options are now available across campus.  Traffic patterns and queuing lanes will be marked with floor stickers, signage and stanchions to help guide students safely through each location.  Self-service stations will not exist so those areas will now be staffed by dining room employees.  All past services will be available, including the ability of the dining room staff to work with students who need special meals due to dietary restrictions.

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Marquette University
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Phone: (414) 288-7208

Visit the Office of Residence Life website for more news and information for students living in the residence halls.