Carpenter Tower

1032 W. Wisconsin Ave

(414) 288-7600

Carpenter Tower is a residence hall on the East side of campus which houses both first and second year students. It is co-ed by floor. The building consists of single and double room-types and has 24/7 Security. The building has private bathrooms in each room. Staff in the building include a Residence Hall Director, Hall Minister, 13 Resident Assistants and a Facilities Manager. Carpenter Tower houses the Nursing Living Learning Community. The building also has winter and spring break housing options for residents of the building.


Building's History

The building was the Catholic Knights Tower when it first opened in 1922 as a hotel. Marquette leased the building as a women's residence hall in 1956 and bought it in 1960, and in 1972, it became the university's first coed residence hall. The building is dedicated to three contributors: Mary A. Carpenter, Michael Carpenter and Matthew A. Carpenter.


Hall Staff

  • Full-time Residence Hall Director
  • One student Facilities Manager
  • Thirteen Resident Assistants
  • Hall Minister

Room Types

  • Singles and Doubles
  • Co-ed by floor

Bathroom Style

  • Private bathrooms

Room Amenities

  • Wall closets
  • Wardrobes
  • Desks
  • Desk chair
  • Bookshelf
  • XL Twin bed
  • 3 drawer dresser

Hall Amenities

  • A Computer Lab
  • Printer
  • Game Room with pool and ping pong tables
  • Piano Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Multiple Study Spaces
  • Conference Room
  • Chapel
  • Kitchenette
  • Mail Room
  • Vending Machine
  • Change Machine
  • Wi-Fi and Cable
  • Air-conditioning in the basement, 1st, and 2nd floors


Room Types Available

Carpenter Tower single room floorplan

Carpenter Tower double room floorplan N/A N/A
Single Double Triple Quad