Since the Service Learning Program began at Marquette University in 1994, about 250 faculty from all colleges have incorporated service learning into more than 240 courses. This section of our Web site is dedicated to assisting veteran service learning faculty as well as those who are new to this pedagogy.  As you browse these pages, if you have questions, please contact our director, Kim Jensen Bohat at or (414) 288-0250.

We also welcome suggestions on ways to improve this website to make it as helpful as possible. Happy reading!

For faculty members working closely with a local organization on projects and need additional funding support, apply for the Problem Solver Seed Grant for education-based programming.

Service Learning Courses for Fall 2022


BISC 4460: Practical Cases in Medicine

EDUC 1000: Educational Inquiry 1: Critical Perspectives on Education

EDUC 1001: Psychological Development: Children and Adolescents

ENGL 3140: Sociolinguistics

ENGL 4210/5210: Writing, Literacy, & Rhetoric Studies

HEAL 1025: Culture and Health

HOPR 2956: Honors Engaging Social Systems and Values 1: Engaging the City

JOUR 4932: Advanced Topics in Journalism: Social Justice Reporting 

MARK 4191: Advanced Selling 

NURS 6244: Health Promotion Across the Life-Span

PHIL 3507: Global Justice

SOWJ 1001: Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice

SPAA 4610: Multicultural Issues in Speech-Laungaue Pathology

SPAN 3001: Advanced Communications in Spanish

SPAN 3710: Intermediate Spanish for Health Care

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