Internship Requirements

Requirements for the Multidisciplinary Internship

  • Minimum of 10 hours per week in an agency (140 for a semester)

    Under the supervision of agency personnel, students orient to the agency and learn to conduct agency business.

  • Attending and Participating in a Weekly Seminar
    The seminar brings students together from multiple majors and placements, and allows them to integrate the knowledge acquired in the classroom and the reality of the work environment. Students share their experiences through class discussion, reflection in weekly logs, and research in areas of interest, speakers and presentations.

Internship Experiences

  • Experiences are related to direct client services, advocacy, research, policy and/or administration.
  • There are a range of agencies to choose from, including schools; agencies serving the elderly; courts; probation and parole; police departments; domestic violence agencies; and museums. Each agency has opportunities unique to their situation and client populations.
  • With the assistance of the Internship Coordinator, students explore possible internship sites and interview to find an appropriate situation for them.

Additional Information