Mission, Vision and Diversity Statements

Mission and Vision Statement

The Department of Social and Cultural Sciences is dedicated to Marquette’s mission.  We strive to create an environment that will nurture, shape, and inspire our students to be committed to excellence, faith, leadership, and service to others. In doing so, we endeavor to care for the whole person (cura personalis).

As a multidisciplinary department, we emphasize the ways in which different forms of social and cultural knowledge are interconnected and complementary.  We embrace the sharing of different ideas, perspectives, and research.  We are committed to providing our majors with training in the basic scientific knowledge and methodologies of Anthropology, Criminology and Law Studies, Social Welfare and Justice, and Sociology.  We also provide opportunities for our students to develop applied skills and knowledge in the social and cultural sciences.

Our commitment to Marquette’s mission is embodied in our approach to teaching, scholarship, and service.  Our scholarly activity advances the frontiers of knowledge, engages important issues and debates, and develops new insights that continually transform our teaching.  Service to our students, College, University, and community follows the Jesuit tradition of serving others in the interests of social justice.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Department of Social and Cultural Sciences places great importance on the core values of diversity and inclusion.  We respect the uniqueness of men and women and we honor students, faculty, and staff of various cultures, racial/ethnic backgrounds, religions, economic strata, age, sexual orientations, and abilities.  We recognize the distinct abilities, talents, and skills of all individuals.  We observe the rights of all students, faculty, and staff to study, work, and participate fully in the Marquette community.  By celebrating our similarities and differences, we prepare our students, as current and future leaders, thinkers, and representatives of Marquette University, to be transformative in an increasingly global world.