Guidelines for colleges

Social media at Marquette


  • Colleges and departments should seek guidance from the Office of Marketing and Communication about the appropriate use of social media for their goals, audience and resources.
  • Some individual(s) should take ownership of the presence.
  • Content should be as relevant for the community as possible. This means the content is about the people in the community and what they're saying and doing. Timeliness is key. Content should focus on what is going on now, what just happened or what is about to happen in the immediate future. 
  • Content should not overlap with university content. The primary sources for general university content are the marquetteu accounts. When in doubt, contact the Office of Marketing and Communication.


  • Content/presence should reflect university brand identity.
  • Content/presence should maintain quality levels as appropriate to the medium.


  • Post timely and relevant news items and discussion topics.
  • Respond to messages from your audience in as close to real time as possible.


  • Go to where your audience is in social media.
  • Adapt your voice and style to your medium and audience.


  • Good communication practice dictates that we use all modalities to engage our audiences wherever they are.
  • There are already conversations about Marquette in social media, and it is simply effective communication practice to join in those conversations.


  • Listen to what’s being said and talk with them — not at them.  
  • Content voice should be authentic and reflect the unit identity. Don’t try to be something you are not. Show who you are. 

Why we use social media:

  • To build online awareness of the Marquette brand
  • To build a sense of community among Marquette’s audiences
  • To foster word-of-mouth promotion among Marquette audiences and audiences outside Marquette