YouTube Tips & Guidelines

Content for YouTube may include video from a variety of sources with varying degrees of quality and professionalism — ranging from 30-second smartphone responses to television-quality production.

Video formats on YouTube may include:

  • Mini-documentaries produced by multimedia professionals
  • Short segments made by a group of people
  • User-generated video
  • Animated presentations
  • Mobile device video
  • Photo slideshows

In terms of content, look for timely events that can be captured and distributed with video, online and offline. For example, social media interactions can be captured as screenshot images and redistributed to others in the community via video.

Comment guidelines

Marquette welcomes interaction and dialogue on our YouTube page. In the event that an individual has a question or complaint raised on our public forum, the community manager will do his or her best to address the person's issue, as appropriate.

However, Marquette reserves the right to remove any posts on our page that are obscene, defamatory or harassing. In the rare event that a post needs to be removed, the community manager may follow up privately with the individual to notify him or her why the post was removed.

Comments that are not specific to the content on our page or advertise for third-party organizations are considered spam and should be removed. However, Marquette has no control over comments posted to personal profiles or social media pages.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world's most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.