In-School Deferment

Economic Hardship Deferment

Unemployment Deferment

Graduate Fellowship Deferment

Military Deferment

General Forbearance Request- use for most Forbearance requests

Mandatory Forbearance Request - Student Loan Debt Burden

Rehabilitation Training Deferment

Rehabilitation Request - for requesting Rehabilitation on a defaulted Perkins Loan

Cancellation form- For Cancellation benefit or Deferment prior to Cancellation

Supplemental forms to be completed in addition to Cancellation form:

Supplemental Form - Child/Family Services

Supplemental Form - Special Ed. Teachers


Nursing/HPSL/LDS Deferment form - For Student Deferment, Military Deferment, Peace Corps Service Deferment, or Residency Deferment on Nursing, HPSL, LDS loans only; Fellowship Deferment on HPSL, LDS

Institutional Loan Deferment - In School

Financial arrangement form
For Forbearance or a Monthly Payment Agreement

Loan Inventory Sheet

Student studying on campus

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