Interest rate:    5% per year, fixed
Grace period:  9 months
Loan term:     10 years

Marquette uses the University Accounting Service, or UAS, as our billing service. Treat any and all mail that you receive from UAS as if it is from Marquette.

Payment options:

  • Online with a checking or savings account via UAS’ payment website
    Check payable to Marquette University, mailed to:

    University Accounting Service
    P.O. Box 5879
    Carol Stream IL 60197


    Automated phone payment via UAS at (844) 870-8701

    * Please note: Marquette and UAS do not accept credit or debit card payments. A bank routing number and bank account number are required for online and phone payments.

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UAS Payment Address

University Accounting Service, LLC
P.O. Box 5879
Carol Stream IL 60197

Phone payments: (844) 870-8701