How to Apply

Apply Now

Marquette uses an online study abroad system, MUGlobal Portal, to facilitate the application process. When you log into MUGlobal Portal, you will be able to select your program, view all application requirements, upload documents, request recommendations and submit questionnaires.

Application Deadlines

  • October 1 - spring semester or January session programs
  • November 15 - spring break programs
  • March 1 - summer, fall or full academic year programs
    (Project GO-ROTC Arabic Scholarship Program application is due January 25.)

Note: Some programs have partner deadlines before our October 1 and March 1 application deadlines. Please be sure to visit your program’s brochure page through MUGlobal Portal to learn more about program-specific application deadlines and next steps.

General Application Requirements

You will need to have the following items submitted or completed within your online application by the above deadlines to be considered for study abroad.

Note: There is a counter within each application to track your progress. There is no final "submit" button within your online application.

Motivation Essays

The motivational essay responses are a critical part of the application process, as they are the primary way in which you can communicate the academic appropriateness of your program selection and your preparedness for study abroad. You will submit your responses through MUGlobal Portal.

Answer each question below in one complete paragraph that is approximately 250 to 300 words. (Please note: Project GO-ROTC Arabic Scholarship Program applications have a unique set of questions. Refer to the online application for complete essay prompts.)

  1. Program Selection: Write a statement describing your background and reasons for choosing this program or exchange, and the projected benefits of this experience to your course of study and long-term plans. Include any other information that you feel is relevant to your application. 
  2. Intercultural Competence: One learning outcome related to study abroad is increasing one's intercultural competence: the ability to accurately recognize and respond to cultural similarities and differences. What attitudes, knowledge and skills do you currently possess in this domain that will help you during your study abroad experience? How do you plan to enhance these while abroad?
  3. Adaptability and Independence: Participation in an education abroad experience requires you to pay close attention to details, meet deadlines, and be adaptable as you encounter new situations. 

    Please describe how you will take initiative and demonstrate independence as you proceed through your education abroad process and during your time abroad. 

Academic Recommendation(s)

Academic recommendations are requested through MUGlobal Portal and does not apply to all programs. If your study abroad program requires an academic recommendation you will see it appear in your program application.

NOTE: Recommendations are required for the following programs - 

  • Project GO-ROTC Arabic Scholarship Program (requires two)
  • Sibanye Cape Town (requires three)
  • Competitive study abroad programs
  • Experiential learning credit-bearing programs
  • External/non-Marquette study abroad programs
  • Marquette scholarships (Eufemia, O'Malley Staeyart, Wings)

Contact your recommender, share your study abroad plans and gain their permission before inputting their name/email through MUGlobal Portal.

To fulfill the recommendation requirement, enter your recommender's email into MUGlobal Portal within the program application that requires the recommendation. MUGlobal Portal will automatically email login details to the recommender, who will then able to complete the online recommendation.

Passport Signature Document

Sign the passport signature document acknowledging that you understand the following requirements:

  • It is my responsibility to secure and possess a valid passport for the duration of my time abroad, including the six months following my program.
  • It is my responsibility to determine the entry and exit requirements and apply for any required visas. (Your OIE education abroad staff member will point you in the right direction.)
  • Once I am accepted to a study abroad program and have a valid passport, I will upload a scanned copy of the identification and signature pages of my passport into MUGlobal Portal.

Emergency Contact Info

Enter primary and secondary emergency contact information.

Deadlines and Pre-departure Guides

This program-specific document outlines all requirements, events and deadlines that will take place after acceptance notifications are emailed. You will digitally sign that you have read this document confirming you are responsible for meeting all deadlines listed.

Program-Specific Materials

Depending on the program to which you are applying, additional program-specific application materials, signature documents or questionnaires may be required. These will be listed within your application in MUGlobal Portal. Your application will not be considered complete until you see a "check" next to each requirement.

Additional Requirements for Non-Marquette Students

Non-Marquette students can apply to several programs. You will need to submit the following additional forms by mail or through MUGlobal Portal:

Official Transcript

Arrange for your university to send an official transcript to Marquette's Office of International Education at the address below.

Study Abroad Adviser Recommendation

You must enter your study abroad adviser recommender's name and email into the online application. The system will email login details to the recommender, who is then able to complete the online recommendation. The box next to the recommender's name on the your application homepage will be checked when the recommendation is submitted.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that you understand what your home university’s study abroad processes are such as application process, course approvals or fees. This recommendation tells Marquette that your have connected at least once with your study abroad office or equivalent.

Non-Marquette students can study in the following programs:

Applying for a Non-Marquette Program

If you are applying to study abroad on a non-Marquette program, you will first need to meet with an OIE Education Abroad staff member in person to discuss your program of interest. The staff member will discuss with you your program preferences, eligibility and goals.

Once you and the staff member determine that a non-Marquette program is the best fit for you, then the staff member will open a non-Marquette online application allowing you to petition to participate in the selected program.

In addition to completing the general application requirements, you will need to complete the requirements below as part of your application prior to the study abroad deadline. Non-Marquette program applications are reviewed as they are submitted by OIE or the Office of International Business Studies for business students up until the application deadline. Submit your application as early as possible to allow time for review. Please note that approval of students petitioning to attend a non-Marquette program is considered on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.

Petition Questions

You will need to answer 10 questions regarding the non-Marquette program you are interested in and describe how it aligns with your personal, professional and academic goals. To answer these questions, you will need to research critical components of your desired study abroad program, including courses, costs, on-site support, and health and safety.

Course Approval Form

More information about the course approval process can be found on the course approval process page.

Financial Aid Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to confirm if you are planning to use financial aid for your term abroad.

All students approved to participate in a non-Marquette program must attend orientation and comply with all procedures and policies for study abroad students.

Credits from study abroad programs will transfer, but grades will not be incorporated into your Marquette GPA.  To earn credits for courses taken abroad, you will need to earn the equivalent of a C or better.  Courses not approved through the appropriate channels will NOT transfer.  Transfer credit is guaranteed based on the following:

  • The course has been approved.
  • You earn an equivalent passing grade or better.  Pass/fail courses will not transfer. You are responsible for confirming that the study abroad program awards letter grades.
  • An official program transcript is sent to the Marquette Office of International Education. Certificates of attendance or completion do not meet the requirements for credit transfer.
  • You are not permitted to audit courses abroad.

I've Applied, Now What?

For a detailed overview of the next steps, please see the Deadlines and Pre-departure Guide you signed as part of your program application.