November 2021

Afghanistan Information Panel (November 5): CTJ is co-sponsoring a panel by the Muslim Student Association at Marquette on conditions in Afghanistan and challenges facing Afghan refugees. The event is taking place on Friday, November 5,2021 at 4:45 p.m. in AMU room 227.


October 2021

Support for Undergraduate Research: CTJ is supporting four Arts and Science Faculty to hire undergraduate research assistants on projects exploring issues of race and racial justice that are locally and nationally salient and informed by the experiences of other countries. Congratulations to Dr. Noelle Brigden (POSC), Dr. Tara Daly (LLAC), Dr. Kirsten Foster (HIST), and Dr. Giordana Poggioli-Kaftan (LLAC).  Watch for announcements of second round of award opportunities later this year.     

May 2021

Research on Systemic Racism:  CTJ awarded Dr. Jesse Cheng, Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, a Summer Faculty Research Project for his project exploring restorative justice as a community-based path to address anti-Asian racism in the United States. The project places current challenges of the Covid-19 era in the context of the long trajectory of hostility towards Asian Americans, explores the limitations and unintended consequences of enforcement-centric approaches to racialized aggression, and suggests a path forward. 

March 2021

March 24-27, 2021: CTJ cosponsored a virtual conference with the MU English Department on "Liminal Existences and Migrant Resistances." In addition to offering multiple panels, the conference included presentations by keynote speakers Dr. Dinorah Cortes-Velez (Marquette), Janan Najeeb (Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition), and Dr. Tosin Gbogi (Marquette). For additional detail including links to the virtual conference panels, contact

Research on Systemic Racism: CTJ awarded Dr. Javiera M. Perez Gomez, Department of Philosophy, a Summer Faculty Research Fellowship for her project exploring racial and disablitiy justice in the allocation of scarce healthcare resources. The project addresses allocation practices in the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, and Brazil particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Congratulations to Dr. Perez Gomez.       

February 2021: CTJ Announces New Funding Opportuntities

CTJ announces new funding opportunities for faculty and students for Spring and Summer 2021. Follow the link from the home page for more information.

December 2020: CTJ Supports Courses to Address Systemic Racism

In November and December 2020, CTJ awarded a total of 15 grants to support faculty in the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences for Spring 2021 course revisions to address issues of systemic racism.  The award winning faculty included members of the Departments of English, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social and Cultural Sciences, and Theology.

Congratulations to Dr. Noelle Brigden

The first publication from the CTJ cosponsored workshop with the El Salvador NGO Cristosal organized by Dr. Brigden in 2018 has appeared in the journal Geopolitics. See, Brigden, Noelle and Miranda Hallett (2020). Fieldwork as Social Transformation: Place, Time, and Power in a Violent Movement. Geopolitics.

CTJ to Cosponsor AEGS Conference on Migrancy

{Rescheduled due to Covid-19} March 20-21, 2020: CTJ is cosponsoring a conference by the Marquette Forum and the English Department on "Liminal Existences and Migrant Resistances." Keynote speakers will include Dr. Dinorah Cortes-Velez (Marquette), Janan Najeeb (Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition), and Dr. Tosin Gbogi (Marquette). For additional detail contact

CTJ to Cosponsor Conference on the Trauma of Torture

November 15-16, 2019: CTJ is cosponsoring a conference by the Department of Philosophy on the Trauma of Torture. Other sponsors include the Center for Peacemaking. For additional detail contact, Dr. Jessica Wolfendale, Department of Philosophy.

CTJ to Cosponsor California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race

October 18-19, 2019: CTJ is cosponsoring a meeting of the California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race to be held at Marquette. The keynote speaker is Prof. Paul Taylor, author of three books, Black Is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics, On Obama, and Race: A Philosophical Introduction, and professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University. For additional information contact Dr. Grant Silva, Department of Philosophy.

CTJ Announces Annual Graduate Student Research Grant Competition

The Center for Transnational Justice is again offering four grants of up to $2,000 each for Arts and Sciences graduate students to cover costs of research projects. For additional information contact Dr. H. Richard Friman.

CTJ to Support the Journal Feminist Anthropology Editorship at Marquette

Congratulations to Dr. Sameena Mulla, Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, for being named by the Association for Feminist Anthropology as founding coeditor of the journal Feminist Anthropology. Dr. Dana-Ain Davis at CUNY is the other coeditor, and will join Marquette as the AMUW chair in Fall 2020. CTJ is providing assistance for the coeditorship at Marquette.

CTJ to Cosponsor Latinx Conference at MU

May 2-4, 2019: 4th Latinx Philosophy & Society for Mexican American Philosophy Conference (SMAP). For additional information contact:

CTJ to Cosponsor Documentary Film Screening at MU

March 21, 2019: The documentary film "Brasiguaios," followed by a a session with the producer Dr. Marcos Estrada, Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Warwick. Location: Raynor Memorial Libraries Beaumier Suites, 4:00 p.m..

March 23, 2019: Dr. Estrada will also speak at the Center for Intercultural Engagement's "Cafe con leche" series. Conversation in Spanish. Location: the Center's offices at the Alumni Memorial Union, 10:30 a.m..

Marquette Democracy Project Speakers on Campus

April 8. 2019: Stephanie Lacambra, Criminal Defense Staff Attorney at the Electronic Freedom Frontier: "Crossing the Digital Divide: Lessons on Litigating AI in the Criminal Justice System." AMU 157. Cosponsored by CTJ and the MU University Law School.

March 20, 2019: "The Blood is at the Doorstep," a conversation and film screening with the family of Dontre Hamilton. Marquette Hall 100. Sponsored by CTJ.

February 6, 2019: David Archambault, former Tribal Chairman of Standing Rock Sioux: "Standing with Tribes – Past, Present and Future." Cosponsored by CTJ and MU Mission Week.

MUCTJ Award Winners Announced

2018 Graduate Student Research Grants

Patrick Bethel, doctoral program in History, for a project on "contending conceptualizations of justice during Ireland's Land War years, 1878-1882." As part of the project, he will be conducting archival research at the National Archives of Ireland, the National Library of Ireland, and the University College Dublin.

Benjamin Nestor, doctoral program in History, for a project on "Einsatzgruppe C in the District Galicia: Ideology, Situational Violence and Mass Murder." As part of the project, he will be conducting archival research at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Advanced Center for Holocaust Studies in Washington D.C.

Seyfullah Ozkurt, Masters program in International Affairs, for a project on "The Refugee Journey as Purgatory: Rohingya across the Archipelago of Exception." As part of the project, he will be conducting interviews with the Rohingya community in Milwaukee, WI.

Past Events

"Crimmigration: Why We Need a Robust Set of Immigrant Rights," a talk by Dr. Jose Jorge Mendoza (UMass Lowell), cosponsored by CTJ, November 5, 2018.

"Digital Privacy and the Constitution," a talk by Alan Butler, Senior Counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, cosponsored by CTJ, March 21, 2018.

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Wael Ghonim spoke at Marquette April 24, 2017.